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Full Version: Legal Threats to Medical Insurance?
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Yesterday a federal judge in Texas ruled that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional.  Here is one article on this ruling.  This article states "Around 130 million people in the United States have pre-existing conditions, and without the ACA, insurers would no longer be required to cover those conditions."  I don't care about the politics; both parties may have objections to the ruling. ("We expect this ruling will be appealed to the Supreme Court. Pending the appeal process, the law remains in place," White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement.)  This ruling may or may not stand but I wonder if it has wider consequences than simply the ACA and if it is possible to discuss medical insurance without involving politics or partisanship.  I am starting this thread on the assumption that the answer is "yes."

I should explain how I came to an interest in this topic.  My son has (temporary??) medical issues and has an ACA health plan; his medical bills were well over $100,000 (probably $200,000 but this is a guess) and health insurance is essential to him.  He is an illustration that going without health insurance is financially dangerous if one has any financial assets which could be put at risk; he was completely healthy until he suddenly became ill.  I'm not sure what we can say about the ACA because it is out of our hands; the courts and Congress will decide. Thus I will focus on something over which individuals do have some choice (and hopefully is not "political").

I am trying to decide between choosing a Medical Advantage plan and a Medicare supplement ("medigap") plan.  In both cases, a person has to pay Medicare Part B fees; for me, in 2019 these will be very high. Each Medicare Advantage program receives from the federal government about $10,000 per year for each person enrolled in its Medicare Advantage plan and I wonder if legal challenges to the ACA will impact Medicare Advantage programs; will this $10K per person per year subsidy be affected by legal rulings? 

A friend of mine has a Medicare Advantage plan; this plan has no monthly premiums and it is my current favorite.  What happens if Medicare Advantage disappears in a couple years because of lawsuits?  My second choice is a medigap policy with my current health insurance company; for less coverage (no vision or dental, no gym membership), I would pay almost $300 per month more.  After an initial period (one year?), switching to a medigap plan (or switching to a new medigap plan from an old one) requires you to meet their standards and you can be turned down.  On the other hand, a person can switch Medicare Advantage plans every year with no restrictions (other than availability in a person's location). 

1.  If there are any lawyers reading this thread who can comment on the eventual effects on Medicare Advantage if this ruling is upheld, these comments would be most welcome.  (I don't have much hope here but I can only ask.)
2.  If you had to make a choice between Medicare Advantage and medigap health insurance policies, which did you choose and why?

People here have been very helpful and I thank you in advance.  I do not consider health insurance as a "money matter" and so put it here; I understand that others might have made a different choice.
Unfortunately, no,...the entire premise of government imposed anything is inherently and totally political, as well as morally treacherous. Combine that with healthcare, and you're just begging for arguements.
(12-15-2018, 02:41 PM)Pleasant Travels Wrote: [ -> ] just begging for arguements.

And of course got one.

But yes, given the stupidly hyper-partisan atmosphere in the US today, no political topic is capable of rational discussion. None. Not a one.
I wish I could afford a medi-gap or any other supplement. I can not. I have regular Medicare only. When you buy into a supplemental plan you are usually locking your services into a specific state and region. With regular Medicare I can get care in all 50 states and territories, nothing is out of network.

So, are you asking questions as a stationary person or as a nomad? The answer as to what is a good plan depends on that information.

I am a full time nomad, disabled and depending on Medicare for my care. I make about $500 too much per year to qualify for any sort of assistance, so I have to make Medicare alone work. I purchase most of my medications in Mexico, I get dental work done in Mexico. And sometimes I am forced to go without care. That is the reality of all of this. We pay more taxes for less care.

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Where in the forum on can one discuss issues like the choice between ordinary Medicare, Medicare Advantage and medigap policies and how can this be done without the political baggage? Or are important, individual decisions like this of no interest to people who read this forum?
You are already discussing it without politics that I can see. Just keep to the facts ma(n/m)
(12-15-2018, 03:51 PM)B and C Wrote: [ -> ]You are already discussing it without politics that I can see.  Just keep to the facts ma(n/m)

You are correct.  I'm just frustrated that a polite, nonpartisan discussion is impossible for some people.  I hope others are not dissuaded from offering their comments.  10,000 Boomers Turn 65 Every Day.  That means about 300,000 people per month have to, at least, consider the question of medicare, medicare advantage or medigap.
I plan on using my Christian Healthcare Ministries gold plan for my supplement ins. when I get my medicare.
Absolutely no state boundaries or more. It will pay all my bills (subject to some exemptions/policies of course as indicated in the plan) but it will cover what Medicare does not pay. I won't be tied down and won't play the 'normal' game anymore out there. I want freedom AND I WANT coverage so my option will give that to us thankfully.

just throwing this out for anyone interested and needs plans and coverage that is nationwide with no limits in location etc.

I truly don't want to hash out the good, the bad and the ugly of what a ministry plan does, or doesn't do and all that jazz. We use it and have faith. Just throwing out an option. Please don't bash our way or our choices.

(but I also say everyone MUST decide what suits them and does not in life. This suits us perfectly)
I believe the Christian plans are NOT taking people with serious pre-existing conditions. Is that correct?

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this is directly from Christian Healthcare Ministries site:

Active vs. maintenance: We distinguish between pre-existing conditions in “active” treatment and “maintenance” treatment. Medical bills cannot be shared if, at the time you join CHM, the bills are for pre-existing conditions that are actively undergoing treatment other than with maintenance (routine) medications. After the incident is over and your doctor states that you are on a maintenance treatment regimen, bills for any new incident related to the pre-existing illness are eligible for sharing according to the information below.
Schedule: If these criteria are met, Gold level members can receive assistance with medical bills for pre-existing conditions according to the following schedule:
In the first year of participation, bills incurred for a pre-existing condition are eligible for sharing up to $15,000.
In the first two years of participation, bills incurred for a pre-existing condition are eligible for sharing up to $25,000 ($15,000 during the first year plus $10,000 during the second year).
In the first three years of participation, bills incurred for a pre-existing condition are eligible for sharing up to $50,000 ($15,000 during the first year plus $10,000 during the second year plus $25,000 during the third year).
After the third year of participation, the condition will no longer be considered pre-existing.

============NOW AGAIN, everyone must check and confirm with the company and ask very personal questions if needed by a rep just to be sure for themselves and their personal situation...….but that is some fast info I got from our website.
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