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Full Version: Cottonwood AZ BLM Area Closing for 2 years
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I am at Verde Valley Thousand Trails RV park in Cottonwood, a staff member just informed me that Thousand Trails was just notified that BLM boondocking will be closed from here to Verde Valley for 2 years starting Jan 9th so that BLM can evaluate the need. He suspected it may have more to due with pushback from two new RV parks. Lots of taxpayer money spent on new roadways and looks like big plans for future development around here. 

Please pass this info on, seems strange to have BLM cut access not for reasons such as letting the land recuperate but to evaluate the need??
That’s National Forest, not BLM.

News already posted here:
thanks for posting that clarification and notice, I am new to the area and he thought it was BLM, that explains why I can't find the info with BLM lol.
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