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Full Version: Campsite Directory w/ Pictures
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Hi just stumbled on a website called I don't know how complete it is but could be useful to check out an area or park before you travel there.
what a small world.

I met the admin of that site when I began my mobile dwelling journey. He and I were owners of honda elements and a large number of us camped together. I really owe alot to the folks at honda element owners club for teaching me many helpful tips I still use to this day.

I wonder how useful it would be to have a glossary of sorts of useful sites.

just like the above, there are sites that offer descriptions and GPS of boondocking nationwide, hows to's with video on building all aspects of campers, diagnosing problems, etc

I use a combination of this forum, other useful forums and several sites and phone apps to address all aspects of mobile dwelling.
Thanks for the Links.

I just bought a Honda Element after my SUV was taotaled in a wreck. The Element has a lot of room! I folded the back seats up and literally a single bed could fit easily - all ways. It's a 2008 and has 193,000 miles on it but it does seem to run well. I hope it stays that way. I like it more every day. Today I liked that after a hike and swim my dog being wet and muddy was not an issue. There's literally nothing to get wet. Even the fron t seats seem stain resistant. I'm going to look for the HE Forum.  Wink
Hey Sepudo, I would love to have a page with useful links! Always great to find out what other people are using. How to make this happen?

The Dire Wolfess
useful links to what? I think we could add some stickies with useful links but I think we need them to stick to one subject and not be a potpourri of links. so I am open to ideas. any of the mods can do a sticky thread. highdesertranger
I have something already in the works. I'll share with you soon wolfess.

Glad people are interested.

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