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Full Version: Ehrenburg AZ - Camping limit.
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(12-27-2018, 09:08 PM)Wabbit Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Travelbuzz! Can you please provide your source or a link? Thnx!
Source:  His name is Robert Wells:
Here is another video from December 2017 that will lead you to a ranger with his voice speaking about an "Extended Stay"....A more recent video:
(12-27-2018, 11:47 PM)Travelbuzz Wrote: [ -> ]Bob Wells has the rangers voice on a video telling him that there is an " extended stay "....

what are you getting at? yes bob taleked with a blm ranger on a previous video that may have been removed. in that video the ranger said the blm was not actively enforcing the 14 day limit. first off that was then. the video you linked was well after that. the video you linked was from this time last year when blm started enforcing the 14 day rule. trust me when i tell you that just because 1 single ranger says "they" are not enforcing the rule is no guarantee it will always be like that. once bobs video got the word out and that area started to see more users exceeding the 14 day limit, then blm decided to actively enforce the rule. for all we know the ranger that told bob they were not enforcing may have been reprimanded or even fired for making an inappropriate public statement.

can you imagine what would happen to a cop that got quoted on video saying they were not enforcing petty theft at the drug store on the corner? people make mistakes, even when they are being honest and stating the truth about what is going on.

so you are barking up the wrong tree, there is no extended stay on BLM, unless you pay to go into the LTVA spots. last year those were around $180 for the season which was about 6-7 months in the cool seaon. i think for the one time fee you can move from 1 LTVA to another or go in and out when you want. but outside of that or getting some sort of special use permit (good luck with that) there are no "extended stays" on any BLM land. now i am sure if you far enough off the beaten path you can find areas where you can go months without seeing a ranger, and then when you do see one they may not care, but dont count on it. and with what happened in Ehrenberg i would bet if someone else finds a sweet spot where they are not getting kicked out, they wont be sharing it with the world

you your self posted a link to the video where bob let everyone know the BLM was enforcing the rules and the free ride was over. what are you getting at to keep asking. follow the regs and enjoy your public lands
I don't know what you are trying to accomplish here, you have two threads on this. let me try to explain. there is a 14 day limit. there always has been a 14 day limit. maybe the BLM was not enforcing the 14 day limit and a ranger said it on a video. that does not mean that anybody ever had permission to stay longer than 14 days. can you understand this. there is a 14 day limit, always has been.

why do you keep calling Bob, Robert? is he in trouble? are you his mother?

I mean no disrespect to Bob's mom, she a sweetheart.

haha this thread is funny in that what one says is never always the truth and no one should believe all the SEE on the internet Smile

live and learn the real rules out there, some can be bent for sure but it is by individual situations.

Go and learn for yourself truly. That is all one can do. And if one wants more than a limit, then park somewhere there is no limit or follow rules til ya find someone who can tell ya can break them a bit. Nothing stamped in stone on this one. Only time something is stamped in stone and real is your grave stone Smile
(12-28-2018, 02:21 AM)Seminole Wind Wrote: [ -> ]what are you getting at?

I know there is no extended stay, I was asking a question at the beginninging of this thread.
(12-28-2018, 08:07 AM)highdesertranger Wrote: [ -> ]I don't know what you are trying to accomplish here

I know there is 14 day limit, I was asking a question. Robert, is his given name.
sorry if I came across a little rough. I was still half asleep. I thought you might have been a trouble maker I can see now you are not. highdesertranger
Boy you really ARE asleep....I'm the troublemaker around here...


I've posted this many times if you are in an area and would like to stay get a seasonal job that comes with a place to stay in that area or see the authority that controls the area and volunteer, it really is pretty easy if you really want to stay. Most government agencies are encouraged to promote volunteering.
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