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Full Version: Ehrenburg AZ - Camping limit.
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I agree with the above posts in many ways. Many people for some reason think it is okay to stay in one place for longer than it is allowed, participate in activities that destroy the environment, and cause congestion and problems for the local area. People with the right equipment can stay in the long term stay areas for the entire winter right in Quartzsite for very little money. I think that is one of the biggest challenges we face is the 10 gallon black tank requirement for those that are in something other than an RV. Either we need to work with the BLM to maybe allow the use of porta potties or find a cheap way to convert those vehicles to meet the requirements. Staying in remote places, long term, without a good useable way to deal with trash and human waste that people are willing to use not to mention pet waste is just going to make this lifestyle more difficult for everyone. Hiding from the problem is going to become impossible as the number of people increases that have started to live this way. We need to as a group deal with these kinds of problems and offer good solutions if we expect to continue living this lifestyle.
Wish I could wave a magic wand and make the destroyers of this lifestyle fly right. I think what is happening there is a lot of druggies that trash a place and try to overstay. There are probably a lot of people that just don't know better too.
Probably a big generalization. I don't have any answers that will fix things, wish I did.
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