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Full Version: Ehrenburg AZ - Camping limit.
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.. I understand as of January 2018 that the BLM Ehrenburg, AZ rangers where enforcing the 14 day limit because of the vast amount of people using this area. Can anyone give an up date on this? I am planning to camp in this area from January 21st till mid March. Thank you.
BLM limit for there is 14 days (enforced or not). Please follow the spirit and letter of the law. You can move down toward Yuma and up to Parker. You only have to move 25 miles. Breaking the law just makes it harder on the rest of us. Kinda like the trash cleanup going on there.
Hi Travelbuzz! Can you please provide your source or a link? Thnx!
Well thank you for all of this information and I would direct it to this person in the video who is showing people how to get to his camp site for extended days. His name is Robert Wells:
Source:  His name is Robert Wells:
Well that was the case at the time probably. Things change when it becomes high profile.
I was informed that he had sent out another video that the extended stay is no longer.
the "extended stay" never was in the first place. the BLM cant be every where all the time. when they (the blm) became aware of the blatant violations they began enforcing it. now they have their eye on that area, and will probably keep enforcing it, at least untill it is no longer a popular area. if that ever happens.

just because yo can get away with something doesnt make it right. plenty of ways to move around and not have to travel far to be with in the rules.
Bob Wells has the rangers voice on a video telling him that there is an " extended stay "....
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