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Full Version: Crossing the border for RX
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I bought a year's supply of my meds in Los Algodones. Approximately 350 each for two different meds.

Carried them thru customs, declared them, no problem, did that last year and again this year.

My assumption is that a small plastic bag from the pharmacy with a few bottles, totaling a few hundred pills is just fine, but a suitcase or backpack full of bottles with thousands of pills might get you questioned.
(02-17-2019, 06:01 PM)tx2sturgis Wrote: [ -> ] Approximately 350 each for two different meds.

That's 350 pills of each med, not $3.50 for each med...sorry for the confusion.
(01-04-2019, 10:55 AM)shadowmoss Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the info..

was wondering what you are paying for that Rx in US.??.

When was looking to see difference between US and Mexico prices i found qty 90 of 50 mcg (mmg?) of Levothyroxine on
for anywhere from $10 to $34 with coupon in my area of raleigh nc..  maybe other Rx's have a bigger price difference but for this on it seem to be the same or close. 

another question did you need to take the actual prescription or just a recent bottle with the info on it. When you are coming back what kinda questions are asked a border about Rx's?  did you have to prove or declare the Rx's etc. 

thanks a million.  Smile  Big Grin

I was in Algodones yesterday getting Levothyroxine.  For 50mmg tablets it is $17/100 at the purple pharmacy just inside the gate.  Had a good lunch and wandered around looking at stuff.  Took almost an hour in like e to get back across the border into the US.  I'll be going back next week when I get to the RTR.  I may check to see how much a doctor there would charge for the checkup.
No prescription needed.  I did take an old bottle with me the first time so there was no question what I wanted.  The second tome I went she asked if I wanted 3 boxes ( 50/box) and I said yes.  They know what is allowed to bring back across the border.  

The medicine is about the same cost as generic at Walmart, but I don't need a doctor's visit.  My meds hadn't changed in 2 years so I'm doing it this way.  I'll maybe find an MD in Algodones if I start feeling bad or have some other reason to want labs done . I go on Medicare in December so this is just to get me to then
Hi shadowmoss. hope you're feeling better. highdesertranger
I would suppose the close in price has much to do with medications that are now generic versus ones that have not yet reached that status.
Being on medicare I request my doctor to use prescriptions that allow for substitution with a generic version of the medication. However sometimes there is no generic substitute such as for the inhaler I sometimes need when I get a cold.
They (Customs) can't tell a 90 day supply from a one year supply. The daily dosage determine that and they have not asked me for scrips or how many of each med. Just the names.
How many is a 90 day supply of penicillin?
They have never had me dump a bag out on the counter.
Older people crossing the border for their personal meds are not the droids they are looking for.
Unlike the TSA where everyone is a terrorist until cleared for one flight at a time.
I like to keep antibiotics on hand for when I know what’s wrong, what I’d be given by a doc, and don’t want to go to the doc.

I get a couple of Z-PACs and amoxicillin

My mother pays $300 a month for her heart meds. (That’s with insurance) for one pill a day. I get her the same drug in algodones for $10 a month. I buy a years worth.
(02-18-2019, 07:30 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: [ -> ]Hi shadowmoss.  hope you're feeling better.  highdesertranger

Yep.  Still just laying low for now.
(02-17-2019, 12:30 AM)Pleasant Travels Wrote: [ -> ]I think what most people wonder (including myself) is not what it takes to get the meds,...but what it takes to get them successfully across into the U.S.

If I'm carrying a shopping bag full of meds back across, even with scripts showing my legitimate use, what point does volume become a problem?

Ideally, I'd like to buy a year's worth so that I don't have to make 4 trips a year. But that might be a bit conspicuous.

you don't have to wait until your 3 month supply is used up before you go back.  stay in the area for about a week and go once a day.
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