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Full Version: An amazing app for boondockers
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Not sure if this has been discussed here yet  but I found this app yesterday that is a wonderful resource of information.
Please describe more fully the content of the YouTube video for those who don't/won't use YouTube.

I'm leaving this up for the  next few hours for you to add the description, otherwise it will be taken down.
Covers everything from campsites to cell reception, agency boundaries, population pressure etc. Many aspects of concerns one might have about unknowns in boondocking. If I could describe it all I wouldn't have posted a YT. Pull it if you need to.
I can't watch at work, but will when I get home in an hour.
What's the name of the app? I'll look at the app directly, instead of some random video.

Kampnik is a good phone app IMHO. for the browser.
Freeroam seems the app name.
Is the name of the app a secret? That would be a big help, I'm on a data plan, please understand.
Thank RVTravel, will check it out!
At first I thought this was clickbait...  seemed really odd the app wasn't called out by name.  Someone else posted the name FreeRoam so I went to the website and it looks like a young couple doing their thing to earn some side money (Amazon affiliate, adds in the app).  Google store has it listed as FreeRoam Boondocking.  It appears to be Android only (no IOS app).  Marginal user reviews, but what did impress me were a good number of sites listed in the western states (not so much mid-west).  Seems like the website might be usable online for trip planning.
(01-08-2019, 12:40 PM)Sikafishn Wrote: [ -> ] . . . If I could describe it all I wouldn't have posted a YT . . .

I, as a number of us here, have very limited data bandwidth.  I cannot afford to look at a YT video who's relevance to me is unknown, hence the request to describe what is in it.
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