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Full Version: Insulation question
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Hey all. Im about to wire/ insulaTe my van. 
Question is do i tuck the wires behind the insulation? Ill be using rigid foamboard. Or do i insulate first? And then run my wires on the foamboard?
What is best way to go here?
I would insulate first. If there is ever a problem you need to troubleshoot you will create more work having to remove the insulation to get to the wires.
You do need to plot out your wire runs. There are things about the van that limit where and/or what size wire you can route.
I used to run all my wires in that big channel where the roof and wall meet and then make drops out of it where outlets, etc. needed to be placed. I insulated last because the drops usually came down by the wall ribs and could make a stiff termination using the rib for support. I used to use house electrical boxes to make terminations in (ciggy plug, etc.) and the ribs made strong supports.
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