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Full Version: Tension Curtain Rods
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We have a passenger van that has windows like an airplane.  They are square, 8" x 20".  They are made of plastic.  I like windows and don't want to put reflectix on them.  IKEA has some room darkening pleated shades.  They have an air pocket between 2 layers.  I read the thread about velcro and different glues.  I am thinking about using tension curtain rods.  I can only buy the small size online, so before I buy 10 rods, I was wondering if anyone has used these type of rods in a vechile.  Do they stay in place?  Do they damage the plastic due to the level of tightening required to not fall down?  Any help would be appreciated!!
I used them in my E150 van and had no problems. Rod at top AND bottom because they hung away at the bottom and left a gap. The good thing about that was I could pop out the bottom rod, lift it up and reinsert the bottom rod up behind the curtain at different heights. This way, I could let in as little or as much light as I wanted. Looked like balloon shades.
Wow! Great News, thanks. I'll place an order tonight.
Why not pick up one rod at Walmart and see how it works.
They don't have them in the 16" size.
If you have exposed metal at the top of your windows you could use magnetic rods. I was looking at tension rods at Walmart yesterday and saw a bunch of magnetic ones.
No exposed metal. It was a custom passenger van for a retirement home.