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Full Version: Problem with the search feature
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I’m sure im the only one having trouble with the search functionality. I use legitimate search terms and parameters that I learned in college. No results. Yet I read threads that contain the exact words. I even searched for “search terms” no results. Any help gratefuly accepted.
I like to start off with a more narrowed search by clicking the title. I then broaden it, if necessary, by checking the post box.

If you'd like to share your search terms I'd be happy to try from my end.

It never hurts to clear your cookies when things get wonky.
Thank you cyndi. I don’t have a search term in mind just now. I’m going on the road March first and am in the final planning stages. Questions pop up and I don’t want to ask the same questions someone else asked a year ago. Well, come to think of it, I’m planning my van dwelling wardrobe. My life of camping has taught me to layer, use fleece and other high tech fabrics instead of cotton. But how many of each garment are people packing? How often between laundry days, etc. I want to search for clothing. What would you use?
I used clothing, and checked the titles only box

The search resulted in 9 threads. the first and last seemed to be the best matches (without reading them)


Cyndi, thanks, those threads are perfect. So, just for giggles, I entered clothing as a search term and nothing. Clearly I’m not doing it right. I’ll study on the search form and keep trying. Hope I can at least come up with informed questions.
Did you clear your cache?
Nope, didn’t have to, I figgerd out the problem. Operator error, lol. So I was searching for text references as well, and when I got a huge, multi page list, I thought I was thrown back to a previous page. Secondly, the search takes longer than I was used to and I kept pushing the dang search button and getting an error message. Your reference to searching just titles straightened out my reasoning. Thank you, cindi.