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Full Version: after the RTR
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so what did you do after the RTR.

Clint and Darlene made a short little video of our prospecting trip.  Timmy,  Alex the newfie,  Clint and Darlene, and I went up by Lake Mead to do a little prospecting.  found a little gold,  I mean a little.  we left earlier than I wanted because the weather kicked our butts.  well to be totally honest I got my butt kicked as the all had trailers.  prompted me to get my butt in gear and get a trailer.  anyhow here's a link to the video,

it's to bad too,  because as soon as we found a good spot we had to bug out.  next year we will get it.

give them a thumbs up,  they are great people.

I was in dirtville around the same time. It was hella cold!
That looks like a great time HDR. Is that an Avion they have?

Are you back in CA?
We have been south of Three Points in Arizona in the truck camper and tent but but after several inches of snow twice in the last month my wife and I finally bought a roomy trailer, still boondocking but with wind proof space we are now spoiled and of course the good weather is here. One of the locals keeps telling me I need to look at the little wash with all the little water falls beside where I'm camped as there's gold in these hills!
Cammalu yes that is a Avion, it's a beautiful little trailer. Clint did an axle under spring mod after that video and it sits a little higher now. yes I am back to work in CA.

Cyndi where is dirtville?

bullfrog is that the Three Points south of Tucson. I hear you on the trailer I have been looking the last week, talk about sticker shock.

I made a brief dash to the ocean, came back to the desert to avoid one of the storms, then went back to the ocean for an excellent week at the beach before the next big storm hit. I've been hanging around Yuma and the far southeast corner of California since then. It has finally warmed up enough to head elsewhere.
HDR, Dirtville is really Dolan springs. About 5 mles off 93, 1/2way between Kingman and the Hoover dam.
HDR, I wish I could have gone but I had solar systems calling my name. I am still in La Posa south now.
Thanks Cyndi I had a feeling it was Dolan Springs the name just fits. drove through it a few times.

Jim everyone missed you. Buck was bummed when you weren't with us but everyone understands that you got to do what you have to do. be sure to let us know when you head north.

Those Avions were built like tanks. They are heads and heels above an Airstream in quality. Went belly up as they didn’t have the mastermind marketer Wally Byam as Airstream did.
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