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Full Version: RVs off to a slow start for 2019
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Here's an article with the story about northern Indiana which produces 80% of new RVs starting 2019 at almost 1/2 of last year
They are not all made the same. Neither are the cargo trailers. We had one gal on here go through a nightmare with a brand new leaky cargo trailer.
I just said & posted sales are down this year & didn't mention quality so I'm confused? It's local news for me.
My bad grt8ful. I wrongly assumed and didn’t read the article. I’m going to go sit in the corner now...
To me the reason for the drop in sales of new RVs is as an big elephant sitting in the middle of the road.

The drastic slow down had a lot to do with the government shut down. People were not in a great mood with the daily and sometimes hourly discussions going on. All those national park closures were not putting any happy endorphins into their brains for dreaming about summer vacations at Jellystone. What was in a lot of people's brains was anger, frustration and fear.

Money spent on recreation is just about as volatile to the economic situation as the stock marke. The first thing out the door in people's budgets are luxury items. Brand new RVs are for sure a luxury item.
From hitting many Ohio state parks last year, it seemed that everyone had a brand new camper, being pulled by a brand new truck. Evidently the booming economy worked well for the RV makers in 2017/2018. Lots of people willing to go deep into debt for a NEW vehicle, and trailer.
May have been our brutal winter here too.
I think this is the beginning of the end of America, history repeating itself. The exact same thing happened in Constontinople as well as in Rome, the first signs of the end of the empire, was a drop by over 30% in RV sales, it will implode then my guess the west coast will form it;s own country Cascadia, Alaska in order to stop the Russians from taking it back, will join Canada along with the North East, Texas and Arizona will be taken back by the Mexicans, a small group of well armed patriots will turn their backs to each other around the coal belt till they shoot each other trying to stay alive surrounded by the Chinese who will claim their debt by taking over the Midwest, Florida will join Cuba. The European Union and Russia will devide the rest up along with the left over arsenal. Best to leave the country while you still can move north or west if you still want to speak English, buy gold.
Now that was hilarious.

Even when I thought it had to stop, it didn't.
My simple posts seem to attract the really weird & bizarre responses. It's just a local news fact no more. Maybe the site attracts weird & bizarre, I just don't know.