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A few weeks I posted in the kratom thread, two times I think. A couple of weeks later, I talked a little about it with a friend. I do not use medical forums. I am not in pain. My pcp mentioned pain in January, though her answer was not to my question...
Mid-week I got a robo-call telling me it was about the pain information I requested! I never requested any. From anybody. That was the first time ever I have gotten a pain info related call. FIRST.
I get way too many robo-calls and generally don't answer the phone if I don't recognize the name or number. The number was local area, but I didn't know it or the caller. I answered the fourth call to that message. Of course I hung up.
So am I being followed, or CRVL, or my pcp?
My suggestion is not to read anything into it, at all, for the sake of your sanity. Yesterday I got a robocall that I only answered because it seemed to be my brother’s area code and I’d like to hear from him. Instead it was robot, who gave me two options: either press 1 if I wanted someone to pray for me, or 2 if I didn’t!

I could make myself crazy if I tried to figure out why they had my number. Better to just block the caller and forget about it.
I get a lot of robocalls. Some will be the same area code and the first 3 digits the same as my number. They spoof their number so if you try to call them back you get a recording the number is not in service. I've answered a lot of them trying to figure out a way to stop them but there is no simple way. It was merely a coincidence. I finally had to resort to turning on caller screening in google voice. The caller has to say their name and press the # key to get through the first time. After that calls from a known number come right on through. Of course I still have to press 1 to accept the call. I HATE (and that is a strong word) telephone solicitations.
You're being tracked. We all are. Sometimes I buy something somewhere with my debit card, no membership card or anything. Within a day or few, I'm getting ads for exactly what I just purchased. I have also had ads show up when I just talk about something(no joke and yes I'm paranoid but not that paranoid! Lol), a microphone on one of the tables around or possibly one of my phone's laying around picks it up.

If it makes you feel better, just put it down to coincidence. Oh, this isn't a CRVL thing, it's a "welcome to the technology age" thing.

Here's a read if you like that talks about this.
What Wabbit said.

We are being tracked, online with whatever we do there, with our telephones, and especially for they who have those little robot devices in their homes.

I’ve had some weird experiences, turned Siri off on everything, which has lessened it quite a bit, but it still happens.

A fact of the modern world, what can be collected and used is being collected and used.
big profit brother is watching every move we make Smile
/\On the bright side though, free porn!!! Yes I know I'm going to hell and we'll discuss what went wrong when we're all gathered
I'm up to around 30 calls a month.

Software programs are written to dial three digit area codes, XXX (293 different ones in the USA) and the three digit prefix xxx , then auto dial the last 4 digits to complete the number in sequence from 0001 to 9999.
The computer does not know if it's dialing a person or if it is dialing a working number at all.... until.... you answer the phone. Only then did you confirm that the computer reached a real working phone and it tags that number as real.
That delay you experience when you say Hello, and then hear a recording or a person begins their sales pitch all happens because you confirmed you exist.
The "good" numbers are sold/combined and you are now a lifelong target of every marketer (or con artist) in the world, simply because you have a working phone number.

Two things I do, Never answer a number from any caller that I don't have as a contact. If they want me they will leave me a voice message.
Second, for one day a month I forward all calls to my Congressman.
(I'm not advocating this for anyone to actually do.)
Although wouldn't it be interesting if everyon ..... aww ..nevermind.
I saw my PCP the other day. I have COPD and we talked about sleep apnea, which I don't have. The next day I started getting robo texts.

"CYNTHIA Confirm With YES to have your SLEEP APNE Supplies Sent To You for Little to Nothing Out of Pocket Back YES for More Details or Stop"

I'd block one number and the exact same text would come in from another, for the next two days. It finally stopped.

I have to believe it's a weird coincidence. If I were to believe it was anything else, I would blame the pharmaceutical companies for selling my name to spammers and other nefarious entities. Perhaps some of the meds I am on are common to those with sleep apnea. Whatever. It's unavoidable, at this point. I feel bad for the people that don't know NOT to interact.
I thought PCP was illegal Smile I bet 9 of 10 calls are robo calls with my localarea code & next 3 #s so if it doesn't have a name show or I don't know it I don't answer, most ring 3 times & stop if they don't I call back & most all were still robo calls. What a pain to deal with.
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