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Full Version: Broke down in Lake Havasu City, help please
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Hi all. I'm broke down at the Lowe's in Lake Havasu City and if you're in the area and can help me out me love you long time.  

I'm assuming it's at least one of several issues:

It appears my temp gauge is going.  Yesterday it looked normal but my van was acting up a little.  Today I left HD and it shot up to the red line pretty quickly.  Lowes was the closest place I could dive into.  I'm also assuming I'm low on coolant.  There has been a really small leak somewhere but I couldn't smell it and never saw anything. 

There's a possibility the thermostat has stuck closed. 

The idle air control needs replaced and I haven't had it done yet.  It's affects idling though but could have contributed to the way it ran yesterday. 

After I dived into Lowe's I tried to start it again.  It just clicked.   I popped the hood and the positive terminal has corrosion on it. 

Unfortunately I wrassled with some plywood so I'm unable to pop the radiator cap or do much of anything at this point.  Thanks in advance.

May help arrive soon.
It's Sunday in a high falutin' resort town. All the help clocks in tomorrow. Lol

Lowes was kind enough to allow me to spend the night.
Try posting the make/engine of your vehicle that'll help a lot.

If the thermostat's stuck closed try taking it out and see if it runs better. Is the van cycling on? Replacing the temp sensor is another easy fix.
Just get that rad cap off and top up your fluid if you have had a small leak it may just be empty now. Make sure engine is cold take off cap or get someone passing by to assist you to get it off, fill it up, a slow leak can go for many miles, as long as you keep topping it up. I had one all the up and down the Alaska highway and back east before I replaced the leaking water pump so you can go a long way if it just a drip.
abnorm is on his way up
Yep! A knight upon his white...van will be here shortly.
-You'll want to remove, and clean the battery terminals, and the posts on the battery first, and re-tighten
-If cooled down, remove the radiator cap while holding it with a rag to prevent any spray, fill a 50/50 mix of water/coolant, and have an extra gallon of mixture for the road. You may also have a coolant reservoir tank that needs partially filled with the same mixture.
-You can lightly tap on the thermostat housing with a hammer handle (wood end) to possibly release it from being stuck.
-Pull your oil dipstick, and check your oil and stick for a milky looking substance (possible head gasket).
-Run the engine for a few minutes to see if you can find any leaks underneath with a flashlight, this should also burp any air bubbles, so you can check fluid levels when you shut it off again, and let it cool.
Should remove or replace the thermostat before you top up more fluid.
I'm NOT a mechanic......

Engine won't start...…..Loud click/clunk near battery (solenoid ?)……normal dash lights...….tried a SmartCharger/50A engine start....NO help

Bright headlights...…Oil is NOT foamy first glance.......Radiator full...….added 2 gallons into the overflow jug ?rear heater leaks someplace

It's dark and late...…..I'm an old FAT man...….

I plan on "tapping" the starter tomorrow with my FORD Wrench (hammer)...….check solenoid...……and Then ???????????

It's a '92 Ford extended van...…..5.8 engine

Recent history includes  new radiator....water pump...….belt....hoses......oil pump......PCM...…..throttle position sensor.....timing cover and replaced gear

No mechanic has taken "ownership"...…..just addressing problems as they occur...……HELP...…."You're my Brain Trust"
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