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Moby T, i was here from the first week of Jan to Feb 15, so it looks like we did overlap. It's still pretty awesome here even with the hotter weather. Getting pretty deserted too, most of the Canadians are moving on.
hey now, fellow hot spring lovers. i total agree highline hot spring or holtville is lot better than quartzsite, i didn't make it to five plams. but people i talk say it better than highline because it was far away from interstate 8 noise. there is another hot spring that i went to when i was young. it is call deep creek in hespreia,outside of victorville interstate have to hike in about two miles,but there is alot less people . i was really disappointed in the location of this year rtr, in fact it suck!! talk about camping in the drit by the side of a buzy drit road. anyhoo you can youtube deep creek lots of video's on the place. that little motorbike you have moby t would work great. fellow traveler gary p.s. back in the good old u.s.a. done with mexico and it dam drug war !!!
yeah, deep creek is awesome. it's about 40 miles from where i live in the summer. unfortunately graffiti has started to show up along the trail from Bowen ranch to the springs within the last year. and a couple of weeks ago, according to a post on the DCHS web site some drunk kid was shooting his gun into the water to show his friends that bullets stop in the water after 2 feet.

it's still petty nice, no graffiti at the springs, but best to go during the week and in the morning. there's dry camping at the ranch for 5 bucks a night. i hate to even post anything about this place, but since it's on YELP it probably doesn't matter.
   There's a mind picture--wrinkled up Canadien nudists--Eh. Rail, what happened in Mexico?
owl, just ranting to many dam check points, looking for drugs. all in all wait time from san jose del cabo to tijuana was 12 hours waiting at five different checks. avgerage wait, over two hours at each one. and then at the border with u.s.a. another  five an half hours to get back into my country!!!!. i have better things to do bysides wait in line with my truck idling away. to old, i don't have the time for this bullsh8t any more.  gary  
Liard Hot Springs on the Alaska Hwy is a great place. It has two hot springs locations. One is about a 10 min hike from the campground and the other one, less used, is further out. It's a fabulous place and well worth a visit! There is a provincial park campground there and probably a lot of other boondocking locations since it is so far away from any town.

hot springs are great.  some are being abused by idiots.  I have noticed an increase of vandalism and trash over the years.  some hot springs access has been severely limited because of this and overuse.  but I still go.  I have some great memories,  been in a few while it was snowing this was truly amazing,  except when it was time to get out then it was just really cold.  also was sitting in one remote hot spring during a killer meteor shower.  all I can say is wow!!!!  what a great night.  btw all,  not blaming anybody on this site.  if I thought I'd have to lecture anybody on this forum about the vandalism or trash I wouldn't be here on this site.  just sayin.  highdesertranger
My vote for very favorite hot springs anywhere: LIARD RIVER HOT SPRINGS.
Just google images of this place.
It is so special. It was the best part of our entire Alaska trip. There's a long boardwalk to get to the springs and they are incredible. Ferns growing out of the waters edge and even wooden seats in the water.
It is a special place and there is a campground there also but the mosquitoes were so bad we had to leave.
Here's a quote from a webpage:
The Liard River hot springs is said by many to be one of the best stops on the entire Alaska Highway. Located in the Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park, north of Muncho Lake, this is one of the few provincial parks that remain open all year round along the Alaska Highway. The reason is simple; the chance to visit the springs. Even in winter the waters are hot enough to provide relief to weary travellers and adventurers, whether they've been hiking on foot, snowmobile or on skis. While there are several warm and hot springs within the park, BC Parks have developed the largest into bathing/soaking/swimming pool.

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