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haven't seen any threads about Hot Springs. there must be some sun and hot spring lovers here?? i know i am.
Soakers forum is an awesome resource for hot springs.
Last year I visited Big Bend Park in SW Texas.  I kayaked on the Rio Grand and stopped for an hour soak in a hot spring pool right next to the river.  Very nice place to visit and at night, Big Bend is a pretty magical place, awesome star gazing!
Yes, but the kind I like tends to be threatened with overuse, so I tend not to publisize them.  Also some of the people here don't seem to want to see other people without clothes.  (Many hot springs are clothing-optional, either semi-officially or just in practice)

i bet the bigbend trip was nice! always wanted to go there. i didn't know they had enough agua for kayaking in the Rio Grande. I also concur with the stargazing as I spent time in west texas.

I usually stay at Holtville hotsprings south of Holtville,CA.  It's an LTVA so $180/7months or the 2 week free area.  
mountaintramp Wrote:haven't seen any threads about Hot Springs. there must be some sun and hot spring lovers here?? i know i am.

Oh hell yes, one of my favorite places to stop for the night is at hotsprings.  Idaho is just jam packed full of em too.  Take a look at Idaho Hot Springs for suggestions and reviews
If you find yourself on Highway 58 in central Oregon, on the way from Eugene toward Crater Lake, about 10 miles from Oakridge, is a great roadside hot springs called McCredie Springs.  It is about a half mile from Blue Pool Campground, so it makes for a nice overnight break in your travels.  The hot springs is invisible from the road, but there is a parking area with a sign, and it is in the Willamette National Forest.  A well-used trail leads from the parking lot for about 100 yards through the trees down to the bank of Salt Creek.  The undeveloped hot springs bubble out of the creek bank, and the sulfur smell will lead you to the pools people have constructed in the creek bank by rearranging stones.  Simple, primitive, and natural, they are clothing-optional.  They can be quite hot, so be careful!  It's a nice way to relax in the evening after a long day on the road, and good campsites are nearby.  There are other, more remote, hot springs in the area, and it is in a natural forest, so it's worth consulting a forest-service map, and there is plenty of dispersed camping in the area, too.  If the pools at McCredie Springs are too crowded, I'm told there are other hot springs across Salt Creek, and when I was there, the route to them was marked by stone cairns.  But it means an icy wade across a fast-moving stream to get to them, so I'm sure they'd be less likely to be crowded, and are more secluded.  Forest Service roads around the area offer all kinds of dispersed camping opportunities in some scenic settings, and there is a convoluted route from Highway 58 that follows service roads all the way from Oakridge to Crater Lake, which makes for a nice, slow, and scenic way to escape the tourist traffic.  Consult maps, though, because one can get lost!
i've been at Highline Hot Well for most of the winter. it's awesome here, plenty of water, close to town,always feel clean, and after about a week most of my aches and pains are gone and i feel 20 years younger, still look the same though

unfortunately it's not clothing optional, but there is a "warm spring" about 15 miles from here that is, just in case you need to get your nude on. That spring is called 5 Palms, and there's free camping on private land, or 2 week BLM land. It's mostly inhabited by a group of Canadian nudists, all very friendly, but nude, so if you're afraid of nude people better pass on this one. This warm spring is around 95 deg at the source, so it's a great place to cool down now that we've had some temps in the high 90s.

after finding these last year i didn't even bother with Quartzsite this year. i can't even figure out why anyone would be staying anywhere else when this place exists. but don't tell anyone.
mountaintramp, I left Highline to attend the RTR.  Came home after that.  I was at Highline from Sept. to early Jan.  I'm sure our paths crossed.  Happy trails !
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