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Full Version: The defenitive you never need Reflectix manifesto.
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I hope everyone realizes that I'm just being silly with the title of this thread. But anyone who is thinking about using Reflectix should continue reading because I think I nailed it right on the head on why you don't need to use Reflectix ever!

Have you ever noticed that windshield sun screens look just like Reflectix? Well that's because Reflectix is made out of the same stuff that most windshield sun screens are made out of. Ergo Refectix is only good for one thing, covering windows on hot days. If you already have a sun screen then don't bother with Refectix and use that instead.

The only other way you could use Reflectix is if you had black or dark colored van you could wrap you van entirely in Reflectix(shiny side outward facing!). Further, you couldn't rap it tightly around the van, you would need to leave a 5 inch space between the van and the Reflectix. So basically you would be putting your van in a giant silver bubble. It would look really bizarre in the blazing sun, but in that specific situation Reflectix would actually work as advertised!

However, if you have a white van that would do almost as good a job with the added advantage that your van won't look like a silver space ship. Seriously though, a white van really will do a far better job then Reflectix.

Everyone understand why this is so? Think about this for a second. If you were to take two vans, one painted white and the other black and put both of them in the hot sun what would happen? The black van would get way way hot, much hotter than the white van. That extra heat that you would feel on the black van, that is almost entirely radiant heat. The reason the white van is so much cooler is because the white paint reflects radiant energy while the black paint adsorbs radiant energy.

The upshot of all this is a white van will work better than Reflectix ever could and a cheapo sun screen from autozone will be less cash for covering your van windows in heat. In addition the sun screen would be quicker because it comes pre-cut to fit your windows and Reflectix does not.

So that's why you should never have a reason to buy Reflectix or any of the products that are really nothing more then the rolls of the same stuff that they make sun screens out of.
Here's some facts on real reflectix
Yup, works really great for what it was designed to be used for, like wrapping forced air duct-work in a crawl space.

Other than that, I got no first hand thermal-imaging proof of anything.

In before the lock.
All I know is it works extremely well on windows. When it's hot. it's cooler inside and when it's cold, it's warmer inside. This has been my experience. Pull the reflectix back and feel the window if you need to prove it for yourself.
One thing about reflectix nobody ever talks about is it makes a good privacy screen. Anyone can buy a roll cut it to size and push up against the window for privacy
(03-11-2019, 08:31 AM)B and C Wrote: [ -> ]All I know is it works extremely well on windows.  When it's hot. it's cooler inside and when it's cold, it's warmer inside.  This has been my experience.  Pull the reflectix back and feel the window if you need to prove it for yourself.

My experience in my conversion van (large windows all around) is the same!!  I just wish it wasn't so shiny.
The shiny is what makes it work so well. I have thought about glueing a dark material to one side to help solar gain when it's cold outside. Put the dark side out to help absorb heat.
I agree that it works well on windows. I never have used it for other applications. highdesertranger
I only use it on windows too. I have a friend that put some on the outside of her van to help hold the heat out. That was at the one and only summer RTR. Worked pretty well.
You are not factoring in the thermal conductivity of materials.
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