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Full Version: Towing? Why or why not?
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What best describes your thinking on Travel Trailers?
In my mini van I can park anywhere a car can park. Having a trailer requires two parking spots that are pull through or parking across a half dozen spots.
I gave up even just towing a motorcycle trailer. To hard to turn around in the backcountry and next to impossible to back up on some two tracks where the trees are close to the "road".
I've towed all my life. Never have slept much 4-5 hrs a night max & coming home from the UP with the tractor & all the equipment on the trailer behind the manual trans truck late at night I asked my wife to drive in Wisconsin but wake me up before Chicago. She worke my up in Indiana as she couldn't find a place to stop. The ambo is a much better way to go IMHO.
I tow a travel trailer, set up a base camp, and then explore the area. It has worked out well for me. I have a nice and comfortable home, with all the amenities, and I have a 4X4 to get into amazing places for photography. I couldn’t do what I do with a van.

There are all sorts of ways to live on the road. I prefer the travel trailer way of life. We each have our own wants and needs. I am disabled, and if I am unable to tow or get around for a period of time, I can set up in a cheap RV park and relax.

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Separates the functionality of the vehicle and the house.

House has a fatal problem? Unhook it and find another.
Vehicle has a fatal problem? Unhook it and find another.

As Blanch mentioned, being able to drop the trailer at camp and drive just the vehicle around to see the sights.

But everyone has their own specific set of needs and wants and dislikes.

It's good to have a range of options.
I owned a small travel trailer for aprox 10 years. It was only 10 feet long 6 feet wide, cute as button, retro, and in excellent condition. Took it everywhere,when not travelling I had it parked up in certain places for long periods of time and used it as a cottage. It was very light I could push it around by myself, fridge stove slept three people, had an awning with walls that doubled the space, threw cots in to for guests or a place to be outside when raining. Walls were removable one two or all of them. A nice set up towed it with a 2liter 4 cylinder, and kept up to highway speeds on most hills. 
I swore by it, best system you could ask for, hardly any maintenance, low insurance, could park it up and go explore, had a long tung so easy to back and park etc etc. I simply got tired of towing it around, it is much more tiring driving with a trailer behind you no matter how small, you are always checking it, having to watch for it in tight spots, it became a pain in the ass and I didn’t want to go anywhere with that thing following me anymore, so I sold it and started using vans. I like vans because I can park anywhere slip in back have a nap, make a cup of tea, a meal or spend the night unnoticed, almost anywhere.
I just don't like towing. You have to constantly keep an eye on the trailer and backing up can be a pain.
I have been doing it so long it's second nature for me.

there are pluses and minuses to everything. one must weigh these and come to their own conclusion.

I tow a Chevy Tracker behind my Class A. Not much difference in mileage, but it does make it slower going up hill and harder to maneuver. I find the toad makes it easer to shop, just leave the Class A where I am camping or where there is room to park.
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