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Full Version: Forrest River Plant Burns Yesterday!
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Well that's weird timing....I just bought a Forest River RV last Friday....


I think they said that the explosions came from the "LP gas" area and the reporter at the scene suggested that there my be a connection between the explosions and the layoffs, which apparently happened before the explosions and fire.

Seems unlikely, since seasonal factory work and layoffs are a normal part of life in that part of the country, and the propane area would be super-safe and unlikely to catch fire on its own. Glad no one was hurt.


WOW, luckily no lives lost!
Wkipedia states that Forest River has 86 plants. Presumably whatever was manufactured at this one will be able to be made somewhere else.

That's a guess, I dont know for sure.
The Amish (a large percentage of the RV workforce) travel well, and don't blow things up !