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Full Version: Registration in Ca
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Hi everyone new here. I just bought a used van that I am converting. It is registered as acommercial van in California which means higher fees than a non commercial. Are your Vans registered commercial ? Did you attempt or succeed in changing your registered status ? How hard is this process ? Is it worth it ? Are there benefits in remaining commercial ? Thanks for any advice ?
My vehicle is a wagon, so I don't currently have that problem but had researched it some in case of "upgrading" to a van.

From what I remember off hand:

1. The benefits will depend upon the cities you cover.

2. The benefits depend upon also whether or not you chose to remember special commercial benefit hours and thus also strings attached for using say the commercial red and yellow (?) say up in San Francisco or whatever the meter and curb colors are for whatever cities you use.

3. CA doesn't have a point blank, direct written set of what's deemed commercial vs not like NYC does. I believe NYC has to deal with whether or not there are any back windows and the number of seats for starters.

4. Weight is a factor in the registration cost. In Silicon Valley, a friend of mine registered his old but heavy van as commercial, which came to almost as much as my registration for a still pretty new, full size wagon.

5. Remember that when the registration is high, the insurance is probably higher as a result.

Don't forget to also figure out whether or not you will use your van for business uses and any possibility to put a company logo on the outside of it or not.

Tip: Go to the smaller DMV locations. It'll likely save ya time, unless AAA does the work for ya.

Hope this helps.

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The ambo is a MH.
converted from commercial truck to motor home/RV for my e350 cutaway van 9600# gvw saved a boat load on insurance (liability only) registration was similar. this is in oregon