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Full Version: We need a FUN section with Jokes & Sories :)
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Most forums have a Humor section & I'm suptised I haven't found one here. Lifes about good clean fun, jokes & stories. If someone is offended by fun they don't have to open it but it might lighten the mood for all of us. I thought that was the idea behind cheaprving was, Freedom & Fun. I'll start, this is a clean fun 2+ minute clip safe for all children & pets. Lighten up & Laugh a little

Edie by moderator rvwandering - video is a short clip of the Andy Griffith Show
I think the You Ain't Right Club would welcome your humorous posts -

 I edited your original post to include a description of the video. Please include a description for the members with a limited amount of data. A description is helpful when deciding if the video is  something they want to watch.
Works for me, it's your show! Thanks!
Me too!
Well,that didn't get very far.
That’s all the YARC thread is. Funny stories and banter.

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Thanks! YARK & the Mens room seemed really weird but I'll try YARK, Thanks again!
YARC...……………...You Ain't Right Club
(03-16-2019, 09:37 PM)Gr8ful Wrote: [ -> ]...I'll try YARK...

(03-17-2019, 09:42 AM)abnorm Wrote: [ -> ]YARC...……………...You Ain't Right Club

Sounds like they'll fit right