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Full Version: A Call for Help
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Kathy of Boondockers United needs assistance in the Flagstaff area this spring and summer.  Kathy is a real "giver" in the nomad community.  I look forward to rallying around her now that she needs our help.  Please read her Facebook post below.  If you are available, email her at [email protected]  Or, join her Facebook Group "Kathy's Cancer Care."  Thank you for your consideration.

Quote:This is a call for help. One of the things that I love about being a Boondocker/Nomad is the traveling lifestyle and the friends we meet along the way.

In this lifestyle we flow like a creek and weave in and out of lives the same way. Sometimes we find a nice little smooth inlet and just stay put and sometimes we meander along just enjoying each bend and all the beauty along the way.

I am asking for help from that flow as you find yourself in the Flagstaff area from April through the summer, could you stop in and lend a hand? I am not asking anyone to take roots and stay with me.

I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I am en route to just below Flagstaff to start a 14 day stay and my first appointment with the surgeon and oncologist is next Wednesday, the 3rd of April. I will need help post surgery, depending on the invasiveness of that surgery I may need wound care and will need general care. After the surgery I will either begin Chemo or Radiation or both. I will need help driving to and from my appointments and probably some help around camp.

I have a 28' Travel trailer and a truck and I may need help moving those every 14 days. As many of you know my daughter passed away and I adopted my granddaughter last June. She is 13 and she will be a huge help but she can't drive.


Thanks much!

Kathy's email:  [email protected]
I am sorry she has to go through this. Hopefully others can help.
I wish I was not being held back. I won't be able to leave NV until August, sometime, at the earliest.

Is it ok to cross post and share?
Cyndi, Kathy made it a public post in Facebook; so, I would say it's ok. Suanne
Sending sympathy and prayers...
I will become a full time RVer soon. I lost everything I had from Breast Cancer. All the people I am reading about here have turned my negative into a possitive. So when I get out there you can count on me. In the meantime I can talk.
I nursed a wife through it. I'm in Yuma and will be heading north in a few weeks. I'll touch bases when I get close. You can handle this, wish I could be there sooner. Feel free to PM me.
You can contact Kathy directly to offer your support and assistance if in the Flagstaff area. Her email is [email protected] Or, join her Facebook Group called "Kathy's Cancer Care." Thanks
Kathy is a super person and a great asset to the boondocking community. Heart
Suanne I feel just sick about what she’s going through. I’m on my way to Kentucky for the summer but is there anything else we can do remotely?

Did someone volunteer to stay with her?
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