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Full Version: Where not to Boondock in Arizona or New Mexico near the border.
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(04-02-2019, 05:41 PM)MrNoodly Wrote: [ -> ]"Does Homeland have any way to issue warnings for specific areas along our route?"

No, because there's nothing to warn about.

"Plan to be nearest Highway 10."

You would miss the more interesting and scenic places if you did that. For example, I-10 from El Paso is just flat, windy and dusty. But if you take I-25 north to Caballo then 152 west, you go up into the mountains, over Emory Pass, to Santa Clara. Then 180 to Silver City. Then 90 takes you to Lordsburg. Then, just before Arizona, you have the choice of turning south on 80 and going into the east side of the Chiricahua Mountains at Portal, or continue on I-10 to US191 south to Cochise Stronghold, or turning south at Benson on 80 and go to Tombstone and Bisbee. And so on.

This was a very welcomed side-affect of me asking this question.  Many thanks to your wealth of experience.
I have stayed close to the border for the last three winters in Arizona and the number of Border Patrol Officers I have seen has increased every year. This year on HWY 286 in a 10 mile stretch I passed 10 vechiles and 9 of them had the green stripe of the Border Patrol. We also had nightly over flights by all sorts of aircraft which I'm guessing were packed with sensing equipment. Once I turned off onto dirt roads a few miles in there was parked an antenna truck as well as more trucks with dirt bikes, horse trailers, ATV and UTV trailers, as well as a van for transport. I drove an 8 mile wash daily to watch a Great Horned Owl nesting and tons of other wildlife. Always saw several of the empty black plastic water jugs roped together but never any other people besides hunters during the day. At night I kept solar rope lights around the camper to keep away the pack rats as well as to make sure anyone nearby would know I was there. I have never been disturbed even though I an sure that after dark there has been lots of activity. People coming across don't seem to want to stop and say hello, but it could just be me! Empire Ranch, Ajo (flower bloom should be outstanding) then you might want to head north to get out of the heat but if not Cargo Muchaco Mountains, Imperial Sand Dunes just pass Yuma are great. If too hot head north to the Grand Canyon and southern Utah.
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