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Full Version: Frigidaire Countertop Ice Maker
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So. I like ice. After much speculation and research I decided to pull the trigger. 

I got the unit at a brick and mortar nationwide chain based out of Arkansas. $99

Got home with it. Surgically removed it from the carefully placed packing material.

There is no manual. No problem. I've seen YouTube vids on them. They're plug and play right?

Poured in the water. Plugged in. Pressed the power button. (The inside looked dingy but hey packing dust right?)

A low hum and no joy. Upon inspection I noticed the unit was used. Dusty fan and dent. 

Easy exchange at the super store although took time to go back.

Checked the sticker on the box for the date (after all I got burned on one already maybe an old stock one somebody has dumped back on them in a return fraud)

A generous post in a thread in electrical claims 3.5 hours roughly to make a gallon using 300 watt hours. I have no doubt about the data. It was calculated using a killawatt meter. I dont have one anymore so I dont know about power usage.

My experience with the unit is to get the best results dont dump the ice basket until it's full and the unit shuts off. Allow it to rest before you empty it.

The first batch of ice or two will likely be small half melted pieces. This is ok. Dont fight it. When they melt they will drip back in the reservoir and cool the water.

The waste water from making the first cubes also goes into the reservoir and cools the water.

Let the engineering work FOR you.

Empty the basket 3 times into your cooler. Then shut it off until the fan side of the unit is cool to the touch. (I waited an hour to be extra sure)

Then refill the reservoir and complete the process for another 3 baskets and then a break.

When I tried to fill my cooler and emptied before full in a long stretch the first time I noticed decreased production. More melt than expected. And an unacceptable level of heat being exhausted from the condenser fan for my comfort level.

So my overall impression is that the unit is well made from high quality components and a value for the money. If following this same protocol for the duration of ownership I dont see a reason why I couldn't keep up with my demands as well as having an invaluable piece of equipment for a very long time without worry of premature failure.
I miss my ice maker so much.
Hmm, considering the qualifications you had to make on how much you liked it and the quality of the way it worked, I'm surprised you wound up giving it such a good review in the end. It must have eventually turned out to do what it is best at to a very high level.
sounds like a pain in the butt... thanks for the info. i was thinking of getting something similar but will need to find something less finicky

So I've noticed a few quirks with the unit. Not a design flaw I'd say but maybe a reflection on my own laziness and impatience. 

When removing the ice tray make sure you seat it back down securely. It will nest in the indentation very well but needs to be seated. If you put it in unlevel the handle will trip the break beam sensor and the unit will stop. Displaying ICE FULL.

I'm going to try another massive ice push today. My report on the temperature getting high when running constantly gives me pause. I did read in the manual that this units refrigerant needed to settle for X number of hours post transport before use. It has been stationary for several days and I've noticed no further heating issues. 

Maybe as the sticker prominently displays it uses a flammable refrigerant it might be isopentane or similar liquid gas. If so does shaking the unit as in an offroad vehicle atomizing the liquid and it has to work harder to recompense it? Idk. Just a theory. I plan to transport it soon and use it to provide the ice for a homemade ice cream maker. If it has the same issue after transporting then it wouldnt likely be for a mobile person.
Mine works well, except for the little drain plug. I had trouble with that so now I just tip it upside down to drain any water and let it dry between uses. 

Any compressor unit like this will have a small amount of oil in the refrigerant, and that oil has to settle back where it needs to be, in the compressor, after the unit has been laid on its side. A few hours should be sufficient.

As I noted in the original review of mine, the ice that these produce is not 'hard frozen' (near zero degrees), so the ice might not be suitable for ice cream makers. I don't know, I've never tried that.
Sorry bro (I assume) i didn't know youd reviewed them before. Overall I'm happy with mine. I've found that using a smaller cooler to keep the ice is best.
hey there is no limit on reviews, in fact the more the better.

I would actually consider one of these if they made real ice in a decent amount. highdesertranger
Last summer I came very close to getting one, just because I was going through an incredible amount of ice in our 100 degree plus days ... almost as fast as I could get it into my body. Our hot days are just starting to come around and soon enough it will be broiling again. I may make the move and get one this time.
(04-19-2019, 01:18 PM)XERTYX Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry bro (I assume) i didn't know youd reviewed them before. 

Well it wasn't really a review, it was a report on the amount of electrical power that mine used used compared with the ice production.

It was in this thread:
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