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Full Version: Whats the best radiant barrier and foam insulation for walls, ceiling, and floor?
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I have a few questions about radiant barriers and foam insulation please. I'll be adhering the radiant barrier to the bare fiberglass walls and ceiling of a Toyota Sunrader motorhome followed by some kind of sheet foam insulation. Cost matters so I'm looking for the best bang for the buck.

1) Does anyone know what the best radiant barrier is? Enerflex is the cheapest but much thinner than the others. All are at Home Depot.
- Enerflex 4' x 12' x 1/16" for $14:
- Reflectix 4' x 25' x 5/16" for $42:

- UltraTouch 4' x 24' 3/8" for $60:

2) If I go with the much thicker UltraTouch that is 3/8", does that mean I could use thinner sheet foam insulation?

3) What kind of sheet foam insulation do you recommend? And would you use that same stuff on the floors too?
 With the Reflectix style insulation, there MUST be an air space between it and anything else for it to work properly. I believe that they claim at least 5/8", but I've gotten away with less. You could leave it 'bare', but that means crud can get on it (dust, cig smoke, cooking grease) and compromise some of the R-value. I stapled a radiant barrier to my ceiling and, using wooden spacers, put up a sub-ceiling made of white Coroplast. I was going to use Polystyrene foam w. the reflective film on one side, but they didn't have it in stock and the sub-ceiling would have been 3/4" lower. 
 If you're going the foam route, might as well just layer the foam instead of mixing it with Reflectix. ..Willy.