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Full Version: LTVA - Black Tank Question
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It occurs to me that La Posa is under the Yuma field office of BLM, while all the other LTVAs are in California, under the El Centro field office. So maybe Yuma has some unwritten policies on the rules. Also in California the hosts and volunteers at the camps seem to be the front-line of enforcement with rangers patrolling occasionally.
(04-08-2019, 06:36 PM)tx2sturgis Wrote: [ -> ]At the LaPosa South LTVA, we had two (or maybe three) rangers, one of them a supervisor, tell us that self-containment can mean a 5 gallon portapotty, as long as it contains the waste in liquid form that can be dumped into a proper receptacle, such as a blue-boy or RV dump, OR a vault toilet.

in many places dumping portapotties or blueboys into a vault toilet is prohibited. be sure you know the rules. and if you do dump in a vault toilet, dont spill your $h1t all over the seat....
I realize the rules are enforced differently in different places, BUT...that's what we were told at LaPosa, and the ranger said dumping a 5 gallon portapotty in the vault toilet was ok. Of course the next guy might have a s**t fit about it...pun intended!

I also read the same information as posted above on the reports also have merit. 

All anyone has to do, is ask at the gate to make sure of the rules being enforced at the time, which is what we did.
that is really odd that they told you it was ok to dump into the vault toilets,  as these signs are posted on all the doors to the vault toilets at La Posa south,


in fact I have seen this sign or one similar posted at most vault toilets throughout the west.

It could be he was un-aware of those signs. Of course, we never did that anyway.

I think his point was that in our case, it would be ok, in our situation, right after the government shutdown had ended and it was a mess out there. Services were still limited and some of those guys were stuck on 'Dumpster Patrol'. 

Now, a ranger who was telling 10,000 campers that they are allowed to do that would be a different story altogether.

It's a bit like the video where a ranger, in uniform, was telling a group at the RTR that the 14 day limit at Ehrenberg was not being enforced. Until suddenly, it WAS being enforced. 

It all depends on the man (or woman) in uniform you are dealing with.
Are they going to come into your vehicle and inspect it?  I guess it just depends, but of course they might just use that as an excuse if they want some kind of valid reason to go inside. I don't know what their bosses might decide the ranger ought to be doing that day. The system is such that bureaucrats are forced to justify their salaries now and again.

There is a BLM website link that contains the quoted information stated below.  This website also has a link to the full .pdf file for LTVA  rules.

The rules on the website state that if there is a posted rule right at the site and it differs from the rules on the website then the locally posted rule is the one that must be obeyed.
usually it is real obvious what vehicle has a tank and what one doesn't. they don't need to go inside your vehicle as the tank is on the outside. for instance any van that is not a commercial conversion probably doesn't have a tank, anybody who has a car or pick-up and a tent set up doesn't have a tank. highdesertranger
So if you want to not worry about waste while staying in a LTVA make sure you have a 10 gallon holding tank that can be dumped at an RV dump location. If you wish to do anything else ask and be prepaired to get a different answer from every person you contact that might be in charge of enforcement (there may not be anyone or anyone that knows available) and if you keep asking you will possibly find one that gives you the answer you want. That seems to be the way things work now days when dealing with the government agencies. This is one of the things that happen when there is a lack of staffing or government shut downs. Ain't it great!!! LOL!!! If you use the micro flush stations as intended be sure to bring yoiur own cleaning supplies!
Parking at an LTVA is not dependant on having a 10 gal. tank but where you can park.
In Glen Canyon National Recreation Area primitive camping areas (this is not an LTVA but a federal 14 day limit camping area) if you camp within a certain distance of the micro flush station you are not required to have a porta potty. Otherwise you are and even then if toliet paper or other waste is found on the ground you will be warned or cited. Local superintendents are responsible for their parks rules and regulations so it always is a good idea to check not only the web site but also with the local enforcement before going, literally!
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