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Full Version: Poster foam board for insulation ??
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I have a fair amount of used foam board. The kind used for meeting display boards. It looks like closed cell foam. It's also backed on both sides with paper. You can find it at any crafts store.

My question is how successful would it be to use for insulation. As its 1/4" thick I thought about maybe doubling it up to get a 1/2" thickness.

Could even glue tin foil to the exterior side as a radiant barrier.

What do you think?

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Cost of glue. Tin foil. Time to install. Might work. But that glue hardens over the years and might become ineffective.
The paper is the part that would concern me.  Any location with high humidity would wreck it pretty quickly.  Wonder if a quick spray with a clear coat of spray paint would help it be more moisture resistant?  Hmmm... something to ponder anyway 
It's just a thought. I saved a bunch of the foam from where I work thinking it might be usable to insulate a cabin I had use of when I first started working in Tallahassee.

I have used it to form fiberglass cloth over. I would build the form first. I then used Vaseline as a release agent (out in the country I had to improvise). I then laid the fiberglass and resin over the form. Worked pretty good. I made a glove compartment to mount on the handlebars of my V-Strom. It holds a GPS and a Sirus radio. Works pretty good.

Anyway the foam board can be used in a bunch of ways.

And yes I would think the paper might be of concern.