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Full Version: Dealing with the wind in the desert
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The Sonoran desert actually has two monsoon seasons and they affect wind patterns all over the southwest. You soon learn tarps and easyup shade structures can easily hurt you in high winds.
(04-22-2019, 02:48 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: [ -> ]...the monsoon flow reaches way north of Arizona sometimes.

Which makes it a good time to be in, oh, Montana.  Big Grin Tongue Big Grin
I left my camp in Douglas AZ and have moved to a Coronado National Forest site near the base of the mountains near Tombstone.

It’s still windy but there’s more grass here that about 2 feet tall. That seems to keep the dust down a bit.

I think the mountains must also offer some wind screening.

This is a pretty nice spot if anyone else is looking for a place. Look for FR 687 off of Middlemarch road north of Tombstone AZ.

There’s about 10 miles of washboard dirt road on Middlemarch and then a quarter mile on dirt road FR 687.

I got my truck with trailer here without issues. There are a few spots with big turn arounds as soon as you get onto 687.
You are not far from Empire Ranch 14 day free camping in beautiful grassland.
Not in the desert but today was cold and very windy in Seattle. I am working on my build but have my little travel trailer insulated. It was so nice opening the door and walking into a warm and cozy place to work. I felt so happy and contented to be warm and out of the cold, damp widin working on my cabinetry. No doubt it will feel much the same in the wintertime in the desert.
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