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Full Version: Dealing with the wind in the desert
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Being new to the desert, I’m learning to deal with high winds every afternoon and looking for tips. I’m in squaredrop runaway camper with only about 42” of height so I’d prefer to be outside as much as possible. 

So far, I put everything away that’s outside around 11am otherwise it blows away (mats, buckets, garbage). 

I bungee my doors open until the aging makes me insane and then I close them. 

I’ll try to hangout on the wind sheltered camper side unless the blowing sand drives me inside. 

Anything I’m missing? Other suggestions are appreciated. I may start looking to camp closer to mountain bases for some wind shelter too.
My only suggestion might not be very useful. Maybe you have other reasons, but if you're in the desert only for the weather, it's getting warm enough these days in less windy places.
Take your folding chair and go down into a wash, deeper the better, where trees and bushes help block the wind.
welcome to the desert. for me I don't leave anything light that could blow away out. after that I don't let it bother me after all it's part of the desert. highdesertranger
One of the reasons my gasoline bill is so high is when the wind is blowing I like to take my enclosed Suzuki Samurai 4x4 and go explore. Wind does not bother me to much while I'm in the car and when it lets up the little breeze is comfortabe to walk around in or just stop with the window down and picnic. For entertainment I sometimes go watch other people trying to deal with the wind, boaters trying to trailer their boats are great fun. Maybe go to some of the large flat areas where they land sail for a day! The mountains have less blowing sand and while watching a herd of bison or soaring birds I really don't mind the wind. My wife usually just hunkers down with a book while I surf the computer some days but usually I'm out driving around. Wind is just part of the deal and if you can not deal with it get a bigger camper or move to where the wind isn't blowing.
Are some areas more windy than others in the Spring? I'm getting the impression southern NM is?
from my over 50 years roaming the high desert I found that it's windy to some extent all year. however before, during, and after a front passes through it gets really windy. this can happen frequently in the winter and during the summer monsoon season. contrary to popular belief the monsoon flow reaches way north of Arizona sometimes. highdesertranger
You can set up tarps to block the wind.
"You can set up tarps to block the wind"

until the wind is so strong it tares your tarps to pieces.

Get really good at competitive kite flying !
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