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Full Version: Arizona has lots of land to boondock on - but water and shopping are often far away
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I watched the video and it wasn't that bad Smile Smile

thing is he is driving a specific route he planned and is trying to plan out free campsites with elec. and water or just water etc. and he is finding it hard to filter that out in AZ on his specific route he is driving...….so his title of AZ camping full time is hard is a bit off on what he is chatting about. He wants resources on his specific route mostly so....but I was fine with the vid. Ain't gonna watch others of his tho cause I ain't interested LOL but I watched this for the purpose of the thread. It seems like he is making it all out harder than it is tho.
I can't speak to this dude or his vid, since I don't watch any vandweller vids on YouTube. (I don't need to, since I vandwell each and every day.)

Sometimes I think this forum gives a skewed view of vandwelling, since it is as a whole heavily oriented towards the southwest, where BLM land is common. As a van-dweller who spends most of my time in eastern cities, I'm something of a minority here. Smile

But one reason why I prefer Walmart camping is that it is like having the world's largest kitchen pantry right there, and it provides everything I want--food, water, wifi, a bathroom, a safe place to park, and a bus stop so I can go visit things. Smile

EDIT: I had a great time in Tucson and Phoenix. Lots of great things to see there.
I had to unsub from him because every TITLE was NEGATIVE, let alone the video. He was ruining my day before I watched.

At first I thought he was so positive. His Aliner burnt down and he just picked himself up and built the camper shell, awesome. But then everything went negative. I hope he gets in a better place.
I remember that reading that when you posted about it Roadtrips(I think it was you). Yeah that was pretty impressive the way he picked himself up and got on with things. He handled that situation better than I would have!
Yes, Mr. Sunshine, I’m about it done with this guy. He makes everything way too difficult. Forty gallons of water a week? I use about 8-10, including a shower. Yes,Mr Sunshine, I know how to stay clean as a nomad.
Little House on the Crotchety, whining islands.
I remember old folks from the depression who had found joy in bitching about nothing.

You will also notice these types never make a mistake, never apologize (at least without enough qualifications to make the apology meaningless) nor do they seem to ever make a bad choice without some outside influence being the villain.

(Even if they live in a plywood box on a pickup truck.)

Would not want to be one of his kids.
If he had any, I bet they are either in treatment...or in a dominatrix' dungeon somewhere.
I think we've torn this guy up, enough. Myself, included. The thread is closed. It's really not what we are about.
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