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Full Version: Arizona has lots of land to boondock on - but water and shopping are often far away
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Research Says Arizona Camping Is Not Easy RV Living Full Time / Van Life Nomad

by Little House On The Road

Published on Apr 25, 2019
oh that guy. he is one big downer, he has a very negative attitude toward everything. you will see, just watch a few of his videos he doesn't know what he's talking about. just because he is on you tube doesn't mean he knows what he is talking about. IMO. highdesertranger
With no specific citations you are just blowing smoke (not up my ass though).
I said to watch a few of his videos, then you can judge for yourself. I don't know how you will feel but I do know how I feel about him.

anybody else watch this guy?

Some places in AZ are far away and others are not. It literally depends on where you are coming from Wink
ok I got to thinking I should give this guy another chance so I watched the video.

OMG what a waste of time.

either this guy is incredible naïve or incredible inexperienced or just trying to manufacture drama to hook people to his channel. I stand by my first conclusion.

Yeah looking at his videos page, this guy comes across as vibing pretty negatively. Thanks for the link though. Ya can't please everybody and I do know there's an audience for what he's preaching, so some people prob enjoy watching him.
I've watched some of his videos but I have to admit they are difficult to watch. He whines why too much for me.

I did watch the video from your posted link. In my opinion, he's making boondocking more complicated than it is. If you're planning on camping in a remote location you stock up on water and food. When either gets too low you leave even if the 14 days you're permitted to camp in one location is not up. In an attempt to prove his video title he picked one of the most remote dispersed camping areas even though there are dozens of free camping spots in Arizona that are not far from supplies.

We've camped in many of these places and didn't find it hard at all. I'm sure most of the forum members who are experienced at boondocking will have the same opinion. The best way to decide if he's right or wrong is to try it yourself. :-)
I'm not going to waste my data on this guy.

It's funny, though, that some people (maybe not this guy) want to get far from civilization then complain they're far from supplies — you know, civilization.
He's not long for this life if he's really in it.
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