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Full Version: How much heat exchange is lost through the windows?
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EVA foam is an insulating material that also deadens sound. It is often used in combination with an aluminum face for sound and heat deadening in the products they put on the floor in the front cabs and also on the interior side of the firewall.

You can certainly make window coverings with EVA foam as well as a layer of Reflextic. One of the thicker versions of EVA foam in sold by the foot from rolls is Landau foam. They use it to make those padded roof tops on some cars such as Cadilacs or Town Cars. But it is used for other types of padding and insulating in the automotive industry. In Seattle I can walk into the store Seattle Fabrics and get it. Larger cities have auto upholstery supply places. Elsewhere you would have to order it from a local auto interior place or from online.

If you want the Landau foam to have a black side you can spray glue fabric to it or even paint it. But use a flexible paint such as the type made for spraying on vinyl car seats to change the color.
Does the Landau foam out-gas and have that rubber smell like a car tire?

I wanted to use it on the floor as a cushion and sound deadener under a sheet of linoleum but am very allergic to petroleum based products and stuff that has that "rubber smell" and makes me sick as a dog.

Alot of the reviews on Amazon for the Chinese imported Landau mention that awful smell and it mentions buying it from a USA to avoid this issue.

And does the LAndau have a peel-n-stick backing?
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