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Full Version: Looking for a spot
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I'm looking for a spot to put my fifth wheel in British Columbia, Canada. 

I'm planning on living in the RV full time and would really like to find a place with hook ups. Many RV parks are closed during the winter months, and I don't have the ability to travel freely. 
Any info or leads would be greatly appreciated. 
Thanks !

Most everything in the lower mainland is open year round although some parks have a six months occupancy limit.

Vancouver Island has a lot of parks that are open year round as do parks further east like in Osoyoos are also open all winter.

It's really only the more northern parks and the ones at higher elevations that close after Thanksgiving.
Thanks very much for the information.

I've been coming across a lot that are closed during the winter, or charge a lot more during the summer months.
I'll definitely check out closer to the coast, Oosoyoos is a great community.
Much appreciated.