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Full Version: Nevada Boondocking Recommendations
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My wife Patty and I are new to the nomad style.  I retired on January 8, 2019 and have been living on the road since in rest stops, parks, and RV sites.  It is time for us to boon dock and we are looking for Nevada recommendations for June and July of 2019.

We will be leaving Prescott, AZ on May 27, 2019 and would like to spend 6 weeks in Nevada.  We like to hike.

We have a 23 ft toy hauler pulled with a 3/4 gas GMC.  The trailer weighs 6500 pounds loaded (with trail bikes) and we would like to not get stuck.  We have a 100 gallon fresh water belly tank, 3 kw inverter, 200 watts of solar, and two 100 amp-hour Battle Born batteries.  We figure we are good for 7 days and would like 4 stops from south to north.

So far we have Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge (north) on our list.

We would appreciate any recommendations.

Thank you
Ken Rayna
Here's a mixture of boodocking and free campgrounds. From south to north:

 Eldorado Canyon BLM -
We stayed here:  35.71081, -114.80682
It's next to Nelson Ghost Town, an interesting place for taking photos.

Lovell Canyon National Recreation Area -
Popular and not a lot of spots for large RVs.

Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge -
Beautiful sites along a small lake. Popular so arrive early in the day.

Pioche City Park -!451&query=sitedetails
Small city park with ten sites side by side.  Water and sewer hookups. Not much happening in town.

Water Canyon Recreation Area-BLM -
Sites along the canyon road, Pretty area.

Angel Lake Campground -
Not free but we really liked it. Small subalpine lake at 8500 feet.

Check freecampsitestoo:
remember 80% of Nevada is a free campsite.

because of past bad experiences I will not say where to camp on an open forum. but I will tell you a couple of places to avoid.

the campground in the Virgin valley in the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge during peak vacation season is one I would avoid. last time I was there it was a zoo, worse than a KOA, there is absolutely no privacy and screaming kids swimming in the swimming holes is enough to drive you crazy. it's really a shame because back in the day this was really a neat area no one was in the area we used to spend weeks there and not see anybody.

also stay away from the Black Rock desert during Burning Man. unless you are into crowds. again a shame but thank God it's only a week.

alas I am an old grouch but I hate what the internet has done with all these sites telling people to go here or go there. many, many great places have turned into amusement park like places or have been trashed or worse yet have been shut down. rant over.

I used
to try to put together a route to get me across the country.
In my case : I can afford to fill my fuel tanks twice a month,
at AVG. 190 miles per fill up. 2 weeks at one site, a couple
days at some wal-marts over nights, then 2 weeks at another
camp site. Should take me 3 to 4 months, on that leg of the
trip. I'm routing on state HWYs and keeping off the interstate,
to stretch out my 6 mpg with 460 c.i. V8. Hopefully I get better
mileage that way.

But all those links are good ones.