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Full Version: CA and NY are going to make you pay to leave them!
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"CA..becomes very aggressive with respect to making you prove that you essentially changed your domicile.”
“The burden of proof is on the taxpayer to prove where he is, or she is, and it can be very close,” Christensen said. “We’ve seen this come down to where your pet is.”

Well there's a shocker...
I think the states are mostly angered at owners of multiple homes around the country/planet. Claim residency in a low tax/no tax state but live most of your time in a high tax state.

Seems like something we non-homeowners don't need to worry about. If we're poor I imagine the states would love to see us claim residency elsewhere so we couldn't qualify for services.
States that are losing their tax donkeys to states with lower tax rates are looking into ways to impose an exit tax. NJ and IL for example, were in the news last year.
I lived in California near the Oregon border. Lots of local California residents would get Oregon license plates for their cars, avoiding the California fees other residents would pay. That is what they are cracking down on. It isn’t some sinister plot, it is finding and prosecuting tax cheats.

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Glad I live in Montana now...
Massachusetts does the same thing to people living in state but with Connecticut plates. This type of issue has been happening for decades.
Oh, it goes way beyond the article... California franchise tax board audits already use cell phone tower records to determine time in location. Cell phones, even when not in use, will routinely ping the towers occasionally to update location. Tax authorities also have access to automatic license plate reader (ALPR) data and they can determine exact time and place, when and where you travel, and how much time you spend in the state. At the ports of entry, just look closely and you'll see the ALPR's next time you cross the checkpoint on I-10 coming into California from Arizona. If you have out of state plates DMV might also get involved from a vehicle registration and penalty perspective. Then there are utility records, bank records and debit card transactions, etc., etc. Yeah, big brother is watching...
(05-19-2019, 02:36 PM)Doubleone Wrote: [ -> ]Oh, it goes way beyond the article...  California franchise tax board audits already use cell phone tower records to determine time in location.  C.  Yeah, big brother is watching...

I don't know why everyone goes west.   my gosh.
I love going west, just not california west. Nice to visit but sure wouldn't want to live there.
I lived in California most of my life because I was born there. I was never a property owner. I had no problem leaving 6 years ago when I moved to Idaho. I want to travel in California but it is probable that I won't spend much time there because of the gas prices.
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