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Full Version: Gas leak detectors
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I hope this is the right place for my question.

Is there such a thing as a propane gas leak detector ? I know smoke detectors, looked for and never seen a the type that detected propane leaks. I should say the type you plug in, wire up or with batteries. I have seen the hand held, but nothing to install near floor. Is a Co2 detector the same as one for propane leaks? I don't want to assume that it might be and burn my eye brows off some day. I'd look funnier that I do now.
Yes there is. Here's a link. Not mine and I know nothing about it. Just an example.

Edit: Co2 detector is different. Many people run both.
I have three detectors. A 9 volt battery operated smoke detector near the ceiling by the kitchen. A CO (carbon monoxide) detector back by my bed and a propane detector near the floor and near the kitchen. RV propane detector to be permanantly mounted and tied into your house batteries:

RV CO detector:

They make some new ones now that are both propane and co detectors:

The ones made for RV's are not the cheapest out there but are made to handle travel unlike ones for a house.
Thanks B and C , and Wabbit. I'll check them out. I like the 12v wired type best, won't always have access to 120v power. I have a good place to mount it near the floor. Equal distance from stove, furnace, and fridge. We has to be safe to enjoy life.
An odor is added to propane so you can smell if it's leaking.
You have to be awake to smell it though.
@ B and C

Thanks! I just ordered the MTI Industries 35-742-BR Safe T Alert 35 Series Dual LP/CO Alarm