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Full Version: Penthouse magazine article about the RTR and nomads
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"... We’ve gathered for the tenth installment of the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, a convocation of highway roamers—“rubber tramps”—that began in 2010 with just 45 attendees, but now nearly doubles the 3,500-resident population of Quartzsite during its two-week run..."
"The great disturbance in American society rests on this fault line between winners and losers—a divide that’s becoming increasingly pronounced."
Please tell me Bob didn't pose ......

"There's no such thing as bad publicity."
Yeah, I read Penthouse for the articles too.
Now I read it with my 4x optical magnifier.
Everything looks bigger now.
Remember that spread, I mean article they did on Candy Loving? Very interesting and stimulating.
That was a hell of a lot better of an article about this than most I've read! I can handle a mixture of reality a lot better than slanted or protected views. This has a little bit of everything. Good read!
It was a very good article, very philosophical.