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Full Version: Ceramic Window Tint
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Well a month later and I'm on pins and needles. Lol
yes can we get a review? highdesertranger
I know it's crazy, but it took me this long to get it done. The guy I could find to do it in Salt Lake City was kind of a beginner (specializes in commercial and residential, only just now getting into vehicle tinting) and so he messed up a few times. Each time, we contacted Ralph of Flexfilm and he sent us more material at no additional cost. Between shipping times, my schedule, and the tinter's schedule, it took us a while, but now the tint is on there good, looks nice, and does a great job. And all for a total of about $300! I would have spent around $1,000 to have the only other ceramic competitor in town put on my van.
You can order what you need for your van directly from Flexfilm, but then you have to find someone who will put it on your van. Ralph looked up their company's record of who had ordered from them here in Salt Lake City and put me in contact with him. Since he was a company referral, he said he would warranty it, even though the usual way would be to warranty based on a Flexfilm authorized shop. I would recommend just calling and talking to Ralph directly to place your order. I got the number off his youtube videos.

There is most definitely a noticeable difference in the heat build-up in my van, without a doubt. I no longer feel like my arm is getting sunburned as I drive down the road on a sunny day. Since I have no prior experience with window tints, I can't say how this stacks up against competitors. From everything I learned, this should be better than the Suntek that was mentioned. He told me a lot of the history of the different brands (he once collaborated with the Suntek owner) and the state of the technology, etc, and I think he really knows what's what, and I think this really is a superior, more advanced product. But when we had hour long conversations on the phone, that was a few months ago, so I no longer remember the details. If you want, I would call and ask for a rundown. It was all pretty interesting.

Obviously ceramic isn't going to do it all, but it's definitely a worthwhile angle of attack. I'm glad I had it done and see no issues with the so-called low angle haze or anything. Looks and works great for me. Of course only time will tell.
I should mention that when I said we only just now got it done, I mean finished correctly. It has actually been on for a month--so back when temperatures were still reaching 100. The side windows just needed to be redone because the tinter didn't put the tint on low enough so that it didn't peel off when hitting the rubber whatchamacallit where it slides up and down. So it was on, just not on correctly, during the 100 degree days. But still good enough to tell it was making a great difference.
Thanks for this. Going to look into getting this.
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