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Full Version: Best Remote Camping In Tall Pines Of Northern Arizona
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Hey Y'all-

I have done my own research and traveling and love the Alpine area of Northern Arizona....also love Hannigans Meadow...would like to know if anyone has any suggestions of any particular boondocking places in these areas that they like....Since I live in southern AZ, my only desire is to be in the thick pine trees when I camp....somewhere that doesn't have many people(or NO people)....and if there is water nearby that makes things even better!! I have a ford 1 ton 7.3 diesel 4x4 pulling a 20 foot travel trailer with extra ground clearance. I have my 2 athletic hiking dogs and we like to spend plenty of time hiking the trails in the woods.....I have been to the more popular well traveled roads through both areas but have not had the opportunity to take any of the back roads....anyone have any suggestions on places/forest roads/logging roads in that area that I should check out?? Would love the input!!
Currently camped 2 miles just north of Williams AZ on Garland Prairie road. Tall pines and no trash. The further back you go the less or no people. Resupply in Williams
thanks for the input!!
There is great boondocking all around Flagstaff. Dirt roads completely encircle the San Francisco peaks and dispersed camping is allowed on all of them. Hwy 180 goes from Flag to the GC, lots of public dirt roads going mostly north off the hi way are good for dispersed camping. You'll find Benchmark atlases are fantastic for finding dispersed camping.
(06-19-2019, 05:36 PM)owl Wrote: [ -> ]You'll find Benchmark atlases are fantastic for finding dispersed camping.

Thanks owl. That little tidbit of information is worth gold to me. Didn't know such an atlas existed it's now on my list for when I get my next check.

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