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Full Version: Where to camp to wait out the long hot summer
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Hey Guys and Gals,

Well i start full timing in my Astrovan starting in August, the hottest time of the year.  I have no idea where to start, but I know it has to be where it is cool.  I am assuming that the best places would be in the mountains of California, Arizona, Utah, or New Mexico.  That's the areas I would like to explore first.

Can any of y'all give me any tips on places in these locations where i can set up for a couple of weeks or longer?  I know about the free camping web site, but I was hoping for some personal experiences.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I will be leaving from Louisiana

Thanks for any info
Michigan is a great state except winters. Lots to see, lighthouses, cheap camping at national forest & the Upper Penensula can't be beat.
Northern New Mexico cools off nicely at night but I haven't camped there. I did camp in Flagstaff and knew of a couple people who spent their entire summers there. Plus stuff is close by.
The summer monsoons dump a lot of rain in the southwestern states. Places like Flagstaff turn into mud pits. That's why I prefer places like the mountains of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, the east side of the Sierras. However, there's a risk of forest fires. And, of course, the good summer locations are also more popular, making boondocking sites harder to get.
I'll second Michigan, lots of festivals, and interesting things to see while it's warm, You don't want to be there from October to May.
If you look at the bottom link in my sig line (edjautoservices)  there is a graphic on the right side about following the 70 degree F weather.  At the top the months of the year display as the animated red dots move bottom to top and back toward the bottom again.  

I don't know where you live, but this shows the 70 degree band for the whole USA.

Good luck, hope you find a comfortable place that's safe.  (but there is info in that site to help you stay safe)
(06-04-2019, 04:37 AM)eDJ_ Wrote: [ -> ]If you look at the bottom link in my sig line (edjautoservices) 
That's quite a list of helpful links you have there on your page, eDJ. Thank you
The Yellowstone area is generally cooler than most places. Yellowstone NP is busy, expensive and not boondocking friendly. But if you go to the south, and take highway 26 in the direction of Dubois, WY, you will pass through an area of national forest lands (Teton, Bridger, Shoshone and others). You could boondock in this area with plenty of high altitude sites to get you through any heat wave. Dubois would be a good resupply base. You could also visit more touri$ty places like Yellowstone or Jackson, WY. It was a big relief for me to escape the tourists at Yellowstone by driving over the mountain on US 26. There is some excellent hiking in the nearby Wind River Range, do a search on the "Chinese Wall".
Anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon. Smile
Thank you for the leads and the video
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