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Full Version: where to camp book
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I just found a cool guide book at my local library it is called
  The Free and Low-cost Campgrounds.
I am finding lots of interesting campgrounds for the whole country Now I need to buy a copy... Does anyone have any experience with it do these campgrounds really exisit or is this a rip off? As I have not camped much other then a few state parks lately I don't know?
I think the apps/websites are more likely to be up to date. At least with an interactive app where people can post reviews, you can usually get recent objective information about the viability of the places listed. ie: Free Campsites.
Yeh, the problem with print books is that they go out of date in just a short time.

Even websites like Allstays.Com have trouble staying current.
Wright Guide was what I used before the internet was available and even then it was frustrating because the campground information was often out of date and the guide was hard to use. I wrote all over the pages to update the information for my own use. I was hoping that the guide would become available as an online resource but it never has. There are so many good websites now that I haven't opened the books in years and since now they are really old and out of date, I'll probably throw them out the next time I find the box that they're buried in.
If you have Amazon kindle,you can download the Corp of Engineers campground guide for free.Around 650 campgrounds in 30 some states.