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Full Version: BLM asks public for comments on new Gemini Solar Project
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My question is why on Public Land, and not on private land?
Someone profits from this installation (they will not give away the electricity for free), so why their project has to be installed in land that belongs to - and will be taken away from -  everyone?
(06-14-2019, 03:38 AM)Sofisintown Wrote: [ -> ]My question is why on Public Land, and not on private land? . . .

'Cuz the feds own 80% of Nevada.  There isn't much private land available.  I haven't looked into the project but they will pay rent.

The project meets two goals of he federal government: energy independence and clean energy.  So why shouldn't the government use its land to meet its goals?
I am not going to start an argument but for several reasons I am against them taking all this land too. I am just going t leave it there. highdesertranger
we all hate it cause land was 'set aside' for citizen's use only etc....but then it is used for many reasons that are not 'free for all' of us in any way......illusion. they are gonna do what they want when they want and we all sit back and take it cause it was never set up as 'totally public land' in the fine print of it all Smile

it is cool
again, what goes down will go down. nothing we can do truly in the long run of it all. best one can do is accept it.
(06-14-2019, 07:33 AM)RoamerRV428 Wrote: [ -> ]we all hate it cause land was 'set aside' for citizen's use only etc....

From BLM's mission statement:

"Congress tasked the BLM with a mandate of managing public lands for a variety of uses such as energy development, livestock grazing, recreation, and timber harvesting while ensuring natural, cultural, and historic resources are maintained for present and future use."
I have always been a big fan of "distributed generation", in which each individual building uses things like solar panels or wind turbines to produce as much of its power as possible at the source. Big central production facilities, whether they be nuclear power plants, solar farms or wind farms, just lead to monopolization and centralization--and they also lose efficiency through transmission losses.
I agree.  But that doesn't leave much room for graft or control.
exactly and that is one of the big reasons I am against these land grabs. it's not the only reason but it is a big one. highdesertranger
This reminds me of the resistance to dam building in the past. Dams had a major impact. Much greater than what a project like this would.
Another story
"Green Groups Silent as Solar Company Plans Destruction of Mojave Wildlands
June 10, 2019

The Department of Interior in early June released its draft environmental review indicating that plans to replace 11 square miles of intact desert wildlands in southern Nevada with the Gemini Solar project would result in significant impacts on wildlife and outdoor recreation..."
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