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Full Version: insulating my van
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this question has probably been asked 100 times over please accept my apologies for any redundancy......i would like to insulation but do not want to strip van to do it...(financially and without a garage or workspace) .have others insulated right over existing panels and then maybe covered with some facing? 

on the east coast, not very many vandwellers full time that i know of....(NH)   anyone in maine or nh to communicate with?

its funny,  just driving down the shore with solar panels on top and in rear of my van is unusual!!!! so funny.
I guess I have to ask. You state you have a camper van outfitted with solar and batteries. Why do you think there is no insulation already? My camper van came with insulation already installed.
On my van I originally duct tape foam insulation to my roof, over the existing headliner and it worked good.  The only problem after a while it will sag and fall down. 

If you got areas where you can stick tape, I recommend industrial velcro, you can buy a box 15 ft by 2 inch for 20 dollars on ebay. It has very strong tape on it, its what I been using now to hold up the outer layers of foam insulation, the ones I added wallpaper too. The insulation is light enough that the velcro holds it very well and you only need to use a small amount of velcro, just on the corners. 

in this picture the roof and side insulation is held by velcro.

industrial velcro