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I follow a full timer on YouTube and if you do also his YouTube channel has been hyjacked and he can't post videos on it anymore. He started a new one and a YouTube search with Rusty(space)78609 can find it. I feel sorry that he has lost over a thousand videos at that channel and has started from scratch. I hope YouTube figures it out but in the mean time he is still videoing his travels at his new channel for those that were wondering what happened.
I wondered what happened, he is kinda in my 'back yard', so to speak, and I watch some of his videos.
When I searched in the youtube box, all I can find is his old channel, and all comments on all videos are now disabled. 

Sadly this kind of thing can happen to anyone making money on youtube, its happened before with the great youtube 'ad-pocalypse'...

When youtube is your boss, you better have a plan B. I hope Rusty does.
i strongly recommend everyone to beef up there internet security system after having
a similar issue. i was told my pc was "mirrored" and they could see every keystroke. they
probably went in and changed this guys password and locked him out!
Gotta stay off those fringe sites if you don't want to get infected. Never had a problem and I have been on the net since the 300 baud modem days.
There are many computers that are infected with something and the User doesn't even know. There are also other ways to get infected other than just "fringe" sites.
From what was said by Rusty on one of his videos, he got scammed by a phishing email. The email looked like a legitimate youtube email, apparently, and asked for his password to 'verify' his account because of 'spam videos'...

Whatever. Anyway, he fell victim to the attempt. The real problem is the income stream from youtube may have been put on hold or completely stopped, I dont know. He also had, or has, an Amazon affiliation, I have no idea if that was affected. But Amazon has also pinched off those commissions in the past for many youtubers.

Income from youtube is the proverbial 'house of cards' can come crashing down at any time, and youtube is really the only game in town for some youtubers.

Way back in the very early days of the internet, one of my accounts (ICQ) was hacked due to a security 'hole' in a chat client. They stole my account and I was never able to recover it...pissed me off because they changed all the pictures and the text in my account....and for what? The fun of it? There was no money involved but I guess they had their fun.

I say, hang the hackers with a stiff rope, but instead, they get hired by the government or private corporations and make big money.

It's a screwed up cyberworld.

That's why you always need a Plan B if that is how you make all (or a large chunk) of your income.
interesting. I guess some people have way to much time on their hands. you know the old saying,

"Idle hands are the Devils workshop"

Forgot about the phishing stuff. Never, ever click on a link in an email even if it appears to be from a trusted source. Enter the url in your browser directly or copy and paste it into something like notepad so you can see exactly where it points to. No site I have ever been involved with wanted me to "verify" my password through an email that I can remember.

Just like sex, remember to practice it safely.
Here is Rusty's first video of his new channel:

I wish him luck in regaining his subscribers.
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