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Full Version: A van design software
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Hi folks!
So I found today this site that they have a van design software that you can use  to design the lay-out of your van, 3D, with drag and drop furniture and dimensions etc. They charge $19 to use the software for a year, and they have about 20 different makes of van templates and if your van is not one of them you can customize the dimensions to fit your own.
I thought it might be worth the 19 bucks for many people, if it will spare you the cardboard mock-ups and some trial and error attempts. Here is the site. (You need to put your email in to see how it works.)
I bought the program but it is really flaky. It is rather hard to navigate, freezes, plus all dimensions are in metric. There is no conversion for inches and feet. I think it would not make your life easier.
thanks for the follow up. highdesertranger