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Full Version: broken windsheld
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Back in march I was headed to az for flower bloom. I was on hwy 62 in west texas when I passed a flat bed semi. both were doin about 60 mph. IĀ  saw smoothing fly off the truck and hit my windshield in the lower right corner were my wife siting if it had hit higher up I thing it would have come through the window. I turned around and run him down . when I got out of my van and walked back to his truck I noticed smoke coming from the back of his truck trailer . HE got and we walked back to look and the left rear wheel was on fire. he had lost a wheel bearingĀ  and the whole bearing was gone the axle was cherry red . the outside hub is what hit my windshield . we could not put it out had to call the fire department. the trucking did pay for my windshield.
That's cool they paid for the windshield.
I think they were thankful I stoooped him they could have lost the whole truck. It did melt the corner of the truck bed.