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Full Version: PCV Filter....?
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I am currently in the middle of doing an extensive tune up on the ol' van and I am having one hell of a time trying to find a replacement PCV filter for my 5.0L 1986 E-150, anyone know where I could pick one up either locally or online? The only results I am getting through google are PCV Valves and PCV Filters that are for E250's and E350's, I've checked and retro fitting these is a no go. Anyone??

P.S. The results I do get are a small circular silver filter, this is not what I need. What I am looking for basically resembles a tiny air filter, approx. 3 inches long.

Don't know where you are, but often some of the independent parts stores have stuff the chains don't stock.
Close but no cigar...I've been perusing the net and the local shops for close to 8 hours now and I'm thinking I'll just buy an air filter, cut it to fit, and create a rubber seal of some sort. Thanks for the suggestions/links, guys. 
what you are describing sounds like a crankcase breather(what on the road was trying to show you)  not a pcv valve.  someone probably switched the pcv.  obviously this 150 doesn't have to be smog checked because it would not pass.  you could just clean it and reuse or put a new one in just has to fit the grommet or return it to a pvc.  highdesertranger
Have you tried your local Ford dealer?
Just look for one specific to the engine your van has, i.e. 4.6, 5.4, etc. The model of your van, E-150 or E-250, should be irrelevant to the PCV valve. It's the engine you have to match it to.

For instance, I imagine the Ford 5.4 uses the same PCV valve regardless of whether it's in an E-150 van or a F-150 pickup.
I'm curious to know what the one on there now looks like if it's not one of the small aftermarket breathers (that look like a small air cleaner). Most engine air filters are pretty big and it's hard to visualize one that's cut down to fit that smaller application.
it sounds like you have a k&n they make a breather that looks like one of their air filters.  i believe others make them also.  this is not a factory ford set up if it has one of those.  that's why he can't find one or one that looks like what he has.  i am only guessing by what vanlyfe posted.  a pic or two would help.  and like i stated before those can be cleaned and reused.  no need to replace.  if you still want to throw it out,  i will take it,  i'll even pay for the shipping.  highdesertranger