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Full Version: sharing another klamath lake free camp (water front)
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this is another camp i like to frequent, especially when the big trout are biting. what is nice for boonedockers is this is under county jurisdiction and regulation. that means if you just used up your 14 days in the national forest but dont want to leave the lake area, you can camp here for 14 days with out breaking any rules

this camp is called Eagle Ridge County Park. there is a small "campground" with developed spots, table and fire rings along with a concrete outhouse, boat launch/ramp and dock. then all along the lake there are other places to pull off and camp. most of the land is county park, but some is private logging company owned but that seams to be open for camping as well. this is a little closer to klamath falls for big city shopping or entertainment but still out and away from town. this is popular in the summer and packed on weekends. early and late in the year when the kids are in school is a much quieter time this was filmed early may as well
Greatly appreciated