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Full Version: Sites to sell off my junk?
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I'm so overwelmed by all this junk and want to get on the road in 15 months. I have piles of junk sitting around the house. I have listed stuff on craigslist and i get cheap folks or folks wanting a reply to get my email address.
 So i'm looking for sites to list my junk.

I have already asked the people i know and get ghosted. I'm just so over welmed by all this
Have a yard/estate sale. Spend 50$ to get some good signs, put them up far enough in advance. Post on whatever local social media groups there are, and be open during reasonable times. Have it reoccur for like 4 weekends or whatever your schedule allows, so people can tell friends or look stuff up. Or have a chance to realize they needed something they saw at your place, and come back to buy it.

Also, list lightweight stuff on ebay - it's super easy and if you're just looking to get rid of stuff you don't need fancy listings or tons of pictures. Just a solid description and a few pictures.
Our neighborhood  has a yearly garage sale in early june. Yea, not fond of having neighbors anywhere near my house -kinda rough area. Wonder if there are places that have estate sales that are not at your house.
To avoid over posting .. i'll comment once a day
Mercari is a good site $10 total fees I've had pretty good success on there very easy to list
I sold all my stuff during the community yard sale where I lived. At the end of the day I gave away what didn’t sell.

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there is no such thing as over posting here.

some areas have auction houses that you can take your stuff to. what are you trying to sell that you are having problems finding buyers for.

most people way over-estimate what their stuff is worth. Guns, Gold/silver, and quality tools hold their value pretty well. everything else is kinda a hard sell if you are asking to much for it, unless you happen to find the right person.

Facebook has local listings for selling things. A lot of people use that to buy and sell.

Offer up now is another that has local sales they have apps

Letgo is also pretty popular for local sales, they have apps

The trick to getting things sold quickly is to price them below what the competition is asking for the same thing and then stick to that price. You need to take the time to do the research to see what that item is selling for new and what it is selling for used. Do not judge by what it is selling for on Ebay, those prices are very weird and often astronomically higher than the real value. It is a game they play on Ebay to try to drive the prices up.

Buers are amost always going to ask if you will take a discount on the price, that is just how it is done so don't get bent out of shape or let it make you feel frustrated. Sometimes I just reply with a slightly higher cost than what I was orginnaly asking making a joke out of it. For instance a while back I was asking $325 for a portable fridge freezer and they asked if I would take $300. I replied $350 would go down a lot easier and gave a chuckle. They paid the asking price, they knew it was a bargain but it is tradition to try for a lower price so therefore they did try. Never take it personally or be offended by low ball offers, they are annoying but absolutely are to be expected. Many people buy to resell so therefore they need to ask so they can make a profit out from the item. At least half the initial responses will be from those individuals.

Never tell someone you will hold an item for them. That just leads to lots of frustration with missed appointments. I just tell them I don't make promises because if someone else shows up first with cash in hand I would be a complete fool not to sell it to that person.

Be sure you clearly state that it is a cash sale only and that they must show up with the correct change in hand. People will show up with big bills as a way of trying to get the price lowered when you can't make change. So be very clear about they must have the correct change on them when they schedule an appointment.

Be sure you take the time to clean up whatever you are trying to sell. No one wants to take the time to clean up a grungry item, they don't want to deal with other peoples dirt. This is especially true if you are selling kitchen appliances. Take good photos and take plenty of them. Take the kind of photos you would want to see if you were shopping on craigslist.
Garage sales are for getting rid of stuff. Most of the ones I have been part of, I will take just about any offer from a potential buyer, because I know that I don't want to drag the crap back into the house, so it will be donated if not sold. There are some flea market dealers out there that will come in at the end of a GS, and offer one low price for everything remaining. You may look in the CL adds for "wanted", or "services".
Yea, i'm completely overwelmed in my life. I'm going to try to make a list of all the sites listed above in the morning. I worked somewhere and i bought home stuff i found cleaning and have stuff i bought myself that needs to be cleared out to get on the road.

I need tips on finding a budget cargo van. I'm still tripping on this
I sold my stuff that had value and broad appeal, like my guitars, motorcycle parts, and original artwork. The rest? Eh, it had value only to me. The little bit of money I would make from it wasn't worth the hassle of selling it. So I rented a dumpster and started tossing. It was cathartic. It might be a good way to get rid of that overwhelmed feeling.
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